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Let it be prospects or clients, people love it when they have an immediate response after taking actions like clicking on a link. But responding to hundreds of visitors at once is not possible with a manual response system. 


With SimplyCast’s autoresponder system, you can provide immediate response and information to individuals when they take an action online. You can set up autoresponders based on your engagement goals, place triggering conditions, and automate personalization options. Based on your customization, your customers/prospects will automatically receive messages when they take an action. From sending confirmation messages and providing additional information to automatically send personalized birthday wishes to millions of customers, you have the option to explore nearly unlimited ways to use autoresponder. 


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Infinite Possibilities

Autoresponder allows you to easily map out and automate processes in order to engage leads quicker while also making day-to-day communication more efficient. With Autoresponder, you are able to use a variety of drag-and-drop elements to create workflows automatically to determine which messages are sent and when exactly they are sent. Once you have a workflow structure set up with all the elements and delays required, you are able to create and customize content for each of the email messages using a drag-and-drop editor to create custom, appealing emails for each lead.

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