Develop comprehensive emergency communication plans, tasks, and templates while also incorporating actions taken by other tools.

The event task manager solution for you

Save time and effort when an emergency strikes by preparing your step-by-step communication plan in advance, ready to be launched the moment it's needed.
Pre-made event templates can be created in SimplyCast's Event module and listed on the Command Hub Dashboard so they can be easily and quickly launched in the event of an emergency. Launching one of these pre-made event templates will send the user through an accelerated setup process that allows the pre-defined elements to be customized before each campaign is sent.


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Infinite Possibilities

The auto-start option allows you to launch an event and have each task deploy automatically at a selected offset time from the initial launch of the event.

Streamlined Emergency Management with Event Templates

Create step-by-step task lists for any situation so you always have an idea of what needs to be done.

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that help you Inform, Manage, and Respond in emergency situations.

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