SimplyCast | Halifax

Ride On Program for Halifax (HRM)


The Ride On program was created using SimplyCast’s 360 customer flow communication platform in order to help make sure people are never late again due to public transit.


How To Use It


1. When you need to know the time of the next bus, make sure you know the number of your particular stop. You can find this out by using this interactive map.


2. Once you have your bus stop number and your route number, text (778) 383 – 7446 entering the bus stop first, followed by a space, and then the route number. For example: 8312 10.


Ride On


Within seconds, you will receive a text that says when your next bus is on route.


Ride On


Important Note: As Ride On was a co-op project, it will be free to use for a limited time only for each city. You will incur regular mobile costs based on your current provider.


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