Make Communication Easy

Our tools make communication easier by taking the hard work and making it automatic. We let you get back to focusing on your customer instead of your processes.

Discover Your Customers

Completely change the way you target and communicate with your customers with our discovery tools

Anonymous Web Tracking

Get a detailed timeline of everyone who visits your website and app. Automatically take action on events in the timeline. Empower yourself by tracking both customers and anonymous leads!

Simple Signup Forms

Our simple form builder allows you to quickly create forms for qualifying and converting your anonymous leads into real customers!

Landing Pages That Convert

Quickly build dedicated landing pages for your signup forms and campaigns to easily convert your customers. No coding experience required!

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Organize Them Effectively

Our powerful Customer Relationship Manager enables you to easily organize contacts for sales, marketing and support

Powerful Contact Pipelines

Turn your existing processes into pipelines for customers to automatically flow through, offering a simple, visual tool for tracking how well your processes are doing!

Customer-Focused Tasks

Create tasks for customers manually and automatically based on customer behaviour and assign them to your employees. Ensure that no customer is ever missed in your sales and support pipelines!

Contact Lists and Tags

Segment contacts in whatever way works for you with contact lists. Automatically update these lists on a regular basis, and sort contacts with similar behaviour using contact tags. All of this enables highly targeted automation!

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Communicate Automatically

Use our automation manager to automatically engage customers via email, SMS, voice and fax!

360 Automation Manager

Use the SimplyCast 360 automation manager to create powerful automation flows that automate your sales, marketing and support processes. Let your team get back to focusing on your customers instead of your processes!

Every Communication Channel

Send marketing campaigns and targeted communications through any of our communication channels such as Email, SMS, Voice and Fax. Use data driven by the CRM to ensure it is highly personalized and relevant to the customer.

Live Chat

Take support to the next level and reach your customers instantly with our live chat tool. Ensure users are always reached with email notifications to your reps and dedicated queues for your departments.

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Don’t worry about having to convert from your favorite sales and marketing applications! We’ve got plenty of integrations with industry favorite CRMs, eCommerce platforms and more!

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