3 Expert Tips to Improve B2B Landing Pages

3 Expert Tips to Improve B2B Landing Pages

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Expert tips to improve B2B landing pages

At first blush, these tips may seem a little out there, but trust us, they actually work. B2B landing pages are tricky enough, but going the extra mile to really highlight what your business has to offer beyond products and services, ensure buy-in and trust.

Get Personal

One of the most effective and proven tips to improve your landing page for B2B connections is to get personal. It's one thing to have a personalized page tailored just for your potential client, but quite another to put your business on the line.

For example, include a photo of your CEO, President or Board Chair with a personal statement directed at your potential clients. In this statement, reiterate your mission and why your business will meet their needs. Having it come directly from the head of your business adds incredible weight.

Also, this statement is a "soft-sell." Essentially, the President doesn't need to push any harder than necessary, where saying something as simple as "We're here to help you" is, sometimes, enough. The image and statement are enough for any sort of sell.

Bonus Points: Instead of a photo with a statement, try a video, directly from the head decision maker of your business. In some cases, where it is appropriate, even include your President's direct contact information, whether it is an email address or phone number.

Get More Personal

Another tried and true technique many successful companies use is the old stand-by: customer testimonials. Since your landing page is directed at potential clients and developing B2B relations, then include testimonials from other businesses as to why your product or service is great.

Just like the previous tip, include testimonials with photos (or video) and links to their business website (reciprocation is always appreciated). Always include the individual's name, title and company logo. All of this, of course, is permission based.

Bonus Points: With permission, include the individual's direct contact information, so that your potential clients may ask them about you directly.

Get Even More Personal

This final expert tip to improve B2B landing pages is a bit out of the ordinary. Instead of looking at best practices from businesses, look at non-profits and charities. What do they do best? Make people care and emotionally connect.

For a B2B landing page, how do you go about doing that? Highlight your employees.

Just like charities highlighting their success stories, you're doing exactly the same thing. Your employees are the backbone of your operation and each person has an individual story related to your business. Why do they work for you? What makes working for your business great?

From the sales representatives to administrative assistants, these "internal" testimonials offer a glimpse into your business' culture and ideals. Without actually selling any of your products, you're selling your business as a whole.

Putting a face to a name is incredibly powerful, especially if your business helped your employees succeed.

Bonus Points: Along with employee testimonials, this is also a great opportunity to set your business apart from others. Do you have a specific charitable organization that you support? Do you give your staff paid time off to go and volunteer at the organization?

Regardless of whether you are doing email marketing, SMS marketing, autoresponder marketing or Twitter marketing, a well thought out landing page is the key. That is where you make your pitch to whether a new user will sign up or not.

By using these expert tips to improve B2B landing pages, you will increase the new leads coming in and overall ROI in no time.

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