3 Form Builder Tools to Take a Web Form to the Next Level

3 Form Builder Tools to Take a Web Form to the Next Level

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SimplyCast offers many different form builder tools that you can use to your advantage. There are lots of different features within our web form software that can take a basic web form and turn it into something that can really help out your business.

In this blog, we are going to discuss three general form builder tools that can help improve the web forms on your website. More in depth and specific instructions on how to use these features can be found on the SimplyCast website.

#1: Thank you page

It seems like something so small, yet adding a thank you page at the end of your web form can be so effective. In order to get customers or clients to keep coming back to your website, you should be ensuring them that you appreciate their business. Not only does it show that you appreciate them, but it can also show that you are using the data they provide and their contribution makes a difference in your business.

Some form builders have a default thank you page that you’re able to customize however you like. However, it should also be easy enough to import your own by adding the URL of your own company’s customized thank you page to maintain branding consistency across your website.

#2: Choice elements

A form builder should provide choice elements to users so they are able to create questions and provide a set list of response options. These options are something that you can use if you have a longer form or survey and don’t want your customers to get bored while filling it out. This form builder tool allows you to insert specialized elements into your form or survey that clients can use to choose a specific response from a list of options.

You can create types of questions that you might find on a test or quiz in school. You can use things like “select all that apply” or multiple-choice questions to spice up your form.

#3: Modal forms

A modal form is a form or survey that will appear as a pop-up window on your webpage. Just like other forms, you can customize a modal form exactly how you want. There are typically a couple ways to customize modal forms.

The first option is to have your form or survey load automatically when someone is on your webpage for a certain amount of time. You should be able to choose how long after the webpage is loaded that you want your modal form to pop up. This could be a good thing to experiment with and see if it helps the engagement on your website.

The other common modal form option is to have the form appear as a button that appears around the edge of a user’s screen but isn’t directly embedded on your webpage. This is a good option to choose id you have your webpage layout already solidified and don’t want to have to re-organize it in order to fit the form.

Check out SimplyCast’s Form Builder Tool

SimplyCast provides a robust Form Builder tool that has lots of features that you can use to take your basic web form to the next level. The thank you page, choice elements, and modal form tools are all things that you can use to your advantage and possibly generate more business.

Click the button below to request a demo of SimplyCast’s web form software and begin using these form builder tools and many others.

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