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For any digital marketing campaign, online forms are an essential component. Forms are used on websites as embedded/pop up elements or as a standalone content for the visitors to fill out and submit. Digital forms are used for many purposes. From doing market research to capturing sales leads to getting internal feedback, you can use a digital form for nearly unlimited purposes.


SimplyCast’s Online Form Builder software helps you build highly-optimized and campaign-specific digital forms without any coding or technical knowledge. Using the drag-and-drop feature, you can easily build the form layout with closed and open form fields. Alternatively, you can choose from our library of online form templates and modify the content. You can also add customized CTA button and choose the visual elements. There are tons of advanced elements for all kinds of question types in our digital form builder software to make your life easier.


With us, you can build digital forms faster and integrate them easily in your existing digital marketing strategies. It comes packed with our hyperautomation platform that makes for even more powerful forms. Our form software maximizes the efficiency of your response conversion path and streamlines workflow without costing you more resources.


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Create digital form campaigns online Create professional, attractive forms with no coding needed using our simple drag-and-drop form builder. There are pre-made templates and backgrounds available. Just drop in the elements you need and then you can put the form anywhere on your website or social media pages.
Drag-and-drop form software You don’t need to write a single line of code to build a digital form with us. Simply drag the element you want to use from the list and drop it where you want to add that element. Use multiple field elements to create forms that fit your needs. If you want to go ahead and customize it further, you can also use the HTML editor to tweak a section.
Modal forms Don’t want to break the layout of your existing webpage with a visible form? Use a modal form instead. A modal form is essentially a form/survey that appears as a pop-up window on your webpage. You can set up the time for the modal form to pop up so you can give enough time to the visitor to explore the content and present them with the form at the right moment.
Embedded forms Embedded forms are visible forms on websites. When you build a form in the form software, SimplyCast automatically generates a code for the form. You can simply put the code on the webpage you want the form to be visible, and the form will appear as it is to the webpage visitors.
Personal targeting Gather valuable data from contacts to gain insight on demographic patterns and segments. Information is automatically collected and stored in each contact's personal profile. This enables you to create highly relevant, personally-targeted campaigns.
Various form field types Our form builder software features tons of pre-set fields for you to simply drag and drop. You can also create customized fields based on your form requirements. Using channel inputs such as email, SMS, and fax and form elements such as labels, text input, text box inputs, images, dropdowns, a checkbox, radio buttons, and spacers you can collect enough information to create complete an individual respondent persona. There are also advanced features to build sophisticated forms.
Opt-in form settings With SimplyCast’s online form software, you have total control of data collection and data management. With the opt-in settings you can control the type of opt-in you want to offer. This could either be having the user reply to an email to prove verification or just click a link. Single opt-in requires the subscriber to click a link to subscribe; double opt-in requires them to reply to the requested email to be added to the list.
Comprehensive form software reporting View the responses your online form is generating with our comprehensive reporting feature.

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