Having a Business Process Automation Strategy: 4 Benefits

Having a Business Process Automation Strategy: 4 Benefits

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4 Benefits of Having a Business Process Automation Strategy

Businesses these days are transforming themselves to fit into the digital era. Many businesses that used to operate entirely offline are now getting themselves online, and those who already had online presence are strengthening their positions. Similarly, business development processes are now integrating digital engagement and automation tools to make the lives of sales and marketing people easier.

A typical business development process involves lead capturing, lead storing, lead nurturing, and lead converting tasks. Now, these tasks include so many manual interactions that completely overwhelm a business developer. An automated business development system utilizes multiple digital engagement tools to streamline the whole process, making it operable from a centralized system.

For example, an automated business development solution will use a digital form to collect leads, store the leads’ information in a CRM system, create multiple pipelines to keep track and nurture leads obtained from multiple campaigns, and finally, close leads by engaging them based on their statuses in the CRM pipelines. Most importantly, these tasks need to be streamlined and run with near-zero friction.

And definitely, an automated business development solution brings so many perks!

Here, in this blog, we have explained our top four reasons why businesses should adopt an automated and streamlined business process automation strategy:

1. Streamlining the process

In a traditional business development process, all tasks are done in a silo and it takes quite a bit work to connect them together once they are done. For example, some businesses do not have a signup form to capture leads. All they provide is an email address where potential customers can send their inquiries. Someone collects that information via email and then records those in a spreadsheeted or basic database. This task alone requires a lot of time. It’s hectic too. Now, imagine what happens when you add more complex tasks like keeping track of follow-ups and how leads are behaving!

Using an automated business development solution allows you not only to automate all these tasks but also to merge the silos. For instance, if the business in our example above uses a digital form, then all leads are going to be stored in a central database.

2. Resource management

When you have a big sales and marketing team and you are getting hundreds of leads every day, it is hard to manage all resources and efficiently utilize them to extract the best results. On top of that, if you have a manual business development system, the whole scenario turns into a complex fiasco. Using an automated business development solution, you can get your team working collaboratively. Since most of the manual work is eliminated, your team can focus more on tasks that require human intervention.

For instance, the leads are stored in a master database and then they are organized in a pipeline. Any member of the sales team can interact with any prospect after seeing the status in the pipeline and previous interactions. Based on the status of engagement, manual tasks can also be created. So, overall, an automated business development process opens doors for collaborative lead nurturing.

3. Scaling up

Imagine your marketing campaign hits the jackpot and you are being showered with hundreds of high-quality leads. With limited resources, you cannot instantly engage with them so you start going one by one. Do you think these leads will want to wait for you to call them after days or even after a few hours? In a world of full of options, nobody should leave a lead hanging because even the warmest lead can go cold if not engaged with in a timely manner.

With an automated business development solution, you have the opportunity to engage every lead automatically as soon as they sign up. So, when you have a thousand leads, you know that they are being engaged with on your behalf (as per your guidelines), meaning you can relax and get them onboard more efficiently.

4. Higher conversions

A business development process is all about conversions. If you are gathering lead after lead but have a poor conversion rate, then it is time to revise the process. Usually, a business process automation system lifts up the conversion rate. Because leads are organized systematically, and they are engaged based on their status in the pipeline, it is highly unlikely for a sales team to make a mistake while persuading them.

For instance, if you are using a manual system to nurture leads, you might lose track of a few leads who are in the final stage, and accidentally share an introductory package with them! Not a very good move. However, an automated system will make sure that leads are placed in the right stage of a conversion cycle, so you can easily create relevant and engaging content and boost your conversion rate.

Sound interesting?

It should! With an automated business process strategy, you can not only conduct your sales and marketing efficiently but also do them the way your business requires them to be done. With more benefits and less hassle, almost every top organization is now using an automated business process management system. Why should you wait?

If you are looking for a right solution that can be customized to fit your needs, SimplyCast is right here for you. We have built a business development automation solution from scratch with our in-house technology. Using our automation platform, digital form builder, email marketing software, and CRM solution, we built an all-in-one business process automation solution that helps businesses to capture, store, nurture, and convert leads more efficiently. Our scalable solution can handle nearly unlimited leads with the capacity of sending 150,000/hour and running 10,000 concurrent sessions. If needed, we can always get more servers and gateways for our clients.

SimplyCast is also ISO 27001:2013-certified with data centers in the USA and Canada. Which means your data is safe on our servers.

Learn more about SimplyCast’s business development automation solution today. Book your one-on-one demo with one of our experts by clicking the button below!

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