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Contact Relationship Management Software

When it comes to streamlining marketing and sales, SimplyCast's Contact Manager (CRM) is the perfect solution for you.

The simple contact manager solution for you

Drive skyrocketing revenue growth by streamlining marketing, sales, and contact relationship management activities. Engage prospects personally at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. Using our automation technology, convert your leads at scale and be a customer success champion. 


Power up your sales and marketing teams with the most user-friendly contact manager software. Leverage contact lists, sales pipelines, and cloud based storage to improve your customer experience, project management, and ability to organize contact information.


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CRM list management and segmentation Drive all your collected leads into smaller segments. Segmentation allows you to engage specific individuals based on their unique interaction history, making your marketing efforts more likely to trigger a positive response.
Powerful search and filter tool Locate specific CRM contact data or filter a group of contacts based on specific parameters. You can create a separate list of filtered contacts and engage with them via personalized content.
Easy pipeline and contact management Build customized contact management pipelines based on your goals and automatically add/move leads within your pipeline. Our simple contact management software keeps track of your contacts' locations in the pipeline to improve and shortens your sales cycle.
Data-driven lead nurturing Track your leads' behavior from the first touchpoint through to the first sale and beyond. Discover which products and services leads are interested in and how to best engage them via the dashboard.
Individual contact relationship reporting Get a detailed contact relationship history for each contact recording link clicks, email opens, and other useful data to help you target your messages and better understand your subscribers. Spot trends and patterns within similar customer bases to boost sales.
Automated unsubscribe list SimplyCast's contact management tool automatically generates a list of contacts who opted out. This list is continuously updated and prevents you from sending messages to those who do not want to hear from you.
Collaborative task creation Auto-generate contact management tasks for your teams to make sure they are as effective as possible. Specific tasks help your team stay on track and follow up with qualified leads automatically.
Contact management dashboard Get a daily snapshot of the progress of your company's data collection methods and pipelines. Salespeople can even take ownership of specific leads to further personalize the connection and decrease confusion.

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No matter the use case, our SimplyCast Platform gives you the tools you need to reach your goals. Contact us today to try it for yourself!


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