4 Best Teleconferencing Safety Tips

4 Best Teleconferencing Safety Tips

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Best Teleconferencing Safety Tips

With companies using conference calls more and more regularly, whether that be due to COVID-19 or just because they are become more technology-based, this technology is helping them better connect with stakeholders, especially when they can be located all around the world. As well, there are also new security risks that come with implementing a teleconferencing system. Here are a few tips that can help you be safer when using a teleconferencing solution or joining a conference call to make for the best teleconference.

1. Make sure only those invited can join the call

Sometimes uninvited people can join a conference call, which can be a huge security risk if not dealt with properly, especially if it is a confidential meeting. Most teleconference services let the host or organizer set up a password that needs to be entered or gives guests a unique ID they can use to join the call. Sometimes these safety features are not enabled by default so it is important to check that they are set up so you can use them. Also, if you are the one organizing or hosting a meeting, make sure that every time you hold a new meeting you change the password for that meeting. This will help make your calls safer than just reusing old information.

2. By default, your camera and microphone may be on

Most of us may have seen or experienced where we join a call, our microphone or camera is on, and we have forgotten to turn it off. This is important to keep in mind when you join, because if you have not turned them off or muted yourself, people will be able to see and/or hear you as soon as you join the call. So, before you join a call, it is just a good habit to make sure you check that both your camera and microphone are off. If you need to turn them on during the call, you are able to do so, so there is no need to worry.

3. Check your screen before screen sharing

Sometimes you may need screen share something such as a presentation or a document during your company teleconference. However, before you do so, it is important to ensure you do not have anything opened in the background that may be personal or confidential. It’s also a good idea to have what you may be screen sharing open and ready to go so there is no delay in you getting ready, as well as less chance of you accidentally opening something you do not want others to see.

4. Update your conferencing software or app

As different security issues arise and/or bugs that create security issues need to be fixed, conferencing services or software companies will always be pushing out updates to make sure that they get resolved and protect you from any potential harm. When you get a prompt from the service about an available update, it is always a good idea to apply it as soon as possible to help make sure you are better protected when using their software. However, always make sure that an update that is coming from the service itself and not a third party, as that can create an even worse security issue.


Best teleconferencing software for you!

Now that you have some of the best teleconferencing safety tips under your belt, you should be able to host and participate in conference calls without any need to worry! Do you have a teleconferencing software yet? You need to check out SimplyCast’s Instant Teleconference!

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