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Create, schedule, and deploy a teleconference without a phone connection or any hardware

Create, schedule, and deploy a teleconference without any phone connection or hardware

Even in today’s technically advanced era, teleconferencing is one of the most effective methods to connect with many people. However, managing these types of conferences manually is not a great idea when there are too many people involved. 

With SimplyCast’s Instant Teleconference tool, you can easily dial out and easily connect with desired participants quickly and effectively. Save time, gather information, and make important decisions. 

Quickly set up a conference call with all relevant and important personnel within minutes of a crisis or emergency. This feature of SimplyCast is unique in that it allows you to dial out to the people with whom you need to communicate rather than having to send out call-in numbers and codes to everyone. However, the module does also support standard dial-in participation. 

The platform is super easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use the software. 

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Complete Solution

Efficient Communication With All Stakeholders

Dial Out to Connect Instead of wasting time sending out conference information, call participants directly from the application. Get everyone you need on the line right away instead of waiting on them to connect. Increase efficiency and save time.
Manage Conferences While on the conference, ensure everything goes smoothly through the streamlined monitoring interface. Send reminders and invitations to expected participants, add and remove callers as needed, mute individual participants or everyone, record the call, and more.
Connect with Many Leverage a scalable technology. For large conferences, the module supports standard invitations and dial-in participant codes.
View Reports Review call information in a comprehensive reporting dashboard. See complete reports on attendance, recordings, call length, and more.
Cloud-Based Campaigns Create, manage, and execute your instant campaigns online. Securely access from any where at any time.
Optional PINs You may choose to enable a PIN and share that information with participants so they can join the call. Alternatively, you can choose to not enable PINs and then participants do not need to enter it to join. All PIN settings are optional and customizable.

SimplyCast Instant Teleconference Informational Video

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Using SimplyCast Engagement Automation Platform is like having a marketing department that works 24/7 without holidays or vacation days. And it costs incomparably less.


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