5 Ways to Improve the Application of SMS Automation

5 Ways to Improve the Application of SMS Automation

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Application of SMS Automation

The face of marketing is changing. Mobile marketing first started picking up speed in Europe, and soon it will have exploded full force. More people are spending time on social media and mobile phones, so that only makes sense. After all, you go where the consumers are, right? But mobile marketing can be difficult, because of the amount of management it takes to get the right messages to the right groups and monitor the data, all while altering the messages to better engage your customers. With an automated solution, you can incorporate SMS automation to save time on your SMS blasts, send out exclusive promotions and even run educational campaigns all automatically. You can set birthday specials and similar deals. Here are some practical uses for the application of SMS automation, to give you an idea of how you can use it.

1. Send out educational campaigns.

Imagine you're a vendor for a mobile phone company. You sell dozens of phones, all different models, and brands. Of course, the phones all come with a manual, but people want to start playing with their new tech toy right away. As a result, they often forgo the manual and then get annoyed when they can't find something. The application of SMS automation means that as soon as they purchase the phone, the vendor can send out helpful tips and information. For example, they can offer to sign the purchaser up for a point form summary of the features. Next, the vendor can inform them of a system whereby they can text a feature title back for a roadmap leading them to the settings for that feature or application. These are all conveniences that are currently unavailable, that would have a big impact on customer satisfaction and cost very little.

2. Keep sports fans up to date.

Sports fans are a dedicated bunch. They have their teams, and they stand by them no matter what. They want to watch every game and see every play but they can't always. The way the world works dictates that they spend much of their day working. As such, they miss games and don't always have time to keep up with the current stats. Imagine if they could receive SMS updates automatically, keeping them current no matter what they are doing or where in the world they are. That ability to provide updates directly to your fans is exactly what the application of SMS automation and marketing platforms like SimplyCast 360 can provide.

3. Offer birthday discounts to customers.

Setting up an automated process that sends out a birthday SMS message to your customers who have opted in, giving them a special promotion specific to them will make them feel more valued. Not to mention, it will make them more likely to visit your store and make a purchase. Building customer loyalty and creating a birthday rewards system just by automating a single SMS message? Totally doable.

4. Perform mobile data gathering.

Offering customers SMS surveys can mean tracking data that you might not have gotten otherwise, since they aren't interested in opening email surveys, or simply don't have enough time. The more data you collect, the more you have to direct your business with. Having a medium that people are almost always connected to is important for gaining more survey participants.

5. Offer mobile-specific promotions.

No matter what you're promoting, whether you're a food vendor or a concert promoter, those promotions and sales account for a lot of traffic. Social media, when done right, includes exclusive incentives for following someone or liking their page. So why not mobile? Offering a mobile-specific promotion means a lot for your business. First of all, you're connecting with the part of your customer base that prefers mobile contact. Secondly, you have the opportunity to target customers for further mobile promotions and data gathering.

These are just a few examples of how SMS marketing and automation can improve your business, whatever that may be. SimplyCast is dedicated to making the most of every communication channel we can imagine. Automation gives you more time to work on your customer interaction by helping you automate your communication flow.

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