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Easily create, send, and track thousands of personalized SMS marketing messages with our text message marketing software

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Use our automated text message software to personalize and send bulk SMS from your computer. 


SimplyCast has the best no-code & low-code SMS software. It is a perfect tool for SMS marketers who want to maximize deliverability and increase conversions without breaking the bank. 


No phone, no IT-setup, no coding knowledge required. You can get started immediately with our clean, intuitive, and super friendly UI. Our SMS software also comes with SimplyCast's CRM and built-in web tracker. 


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Complete Solution

Simple Two-Way SMS Communication

Spark one-on-one conversations Create smart SMS automation flows that trigger responses based on each customer's response, allowing you to engage thousands of customers at the same time.
Personalize customer engagement Our SMS marketing automation technology allows you to personalize SMS marketing content in whatever way you want. No more wasting marketing dollars on generic SMS campaigns.
Leverage SMS shortcodes and keywords Build your credibility and brand identity by leveraging SMS shortcodes. Use dedicated shortcodes and get unlimited keywords. No hosting, No maintenance hassle. We get SMS shortcodes for you.
Build SMS automation campaigns easily Build SMS marketing campaigns from scratch, select your recipient list, and schedule it. Let our automation manager send your personalized SMS marketing messages to each of your contacts.
Powerful SimplyCast CRM You don't need to buy a CRM system separately. SimplyCast's CRM comes with the SMS marketing tool where you can track, manage, and nurture leads seamlessly.
Built-in web tracker We don't sit tight after sending high volumes of automated SMS messages. If your customers are clicking on any links in the messages, you can see the stats in real-time.
Complete SMS marketing campaign analytics Download complete SMS marketing campaign reports from the reporting dashboard. Use these insights to identify your SMS campaign's performance and build future campaigns more efficiently.

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No matter the use case, our SimplyCast Platform gives you the tools you need to reach your goals. Contact us today to try it for yourself!


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