5 Reasons to Use Work Scheduling Software

5 Reasons to Use Work Scheduling Software

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5 Reasons to Use Work Scheduling Software

Although we live in the 21st century, a large majority of businesses and other organizations many still use traditional methods of scheduling, such as pen and paper, in order to manage their staff schedules. These traditional methods can even take the most experienced managers between one to several hours to complete, even if spreadsheets and printed ledgers are used.

Many might say that work scheduling software is more expensive than traditional methods, but as your business grows and the number of employees increases, so does the difficulty and complexity of scheduling. This means that over time, using scheduling software may end up saving your business money due to the man hours saved from manually scheduling shifts!

Scheduling issues can easily stunt a business from growing, as managers might be afraid to expand their team and grow their business if they are afraid of not being able manage their team to their full potential due to not be able to efficiently schedule them.

 This is where the benefits of work scheduling software really shine through.

Here are five reasons why your team needs to start using work scheduling software:

Save time

This one is a no brainer. Managers who have used work scheduling software to prepare their staff schedules save a lot of time from cutting out the manual effort required when using traditional scheduling methods. This extra time allows them to better focus their efforts into more pressing management issues.

Cut labor costs

Managers can use the help of staffing thresholds within the scheduling software to ensure that their organization is staffed appropriately. This can help mangers ensure that the right number of hands are on deck and help prevent scheduling any more resources than required, which can be a great cost cutting method for managers.

Improve punctuality

Reminders can be sent to scheduled staff using work scheduling software, to remind them when their shift is about to begin and/or end, which can help managers ensure that their staff is present when and where they are required. These reminders can be sent via an email message or as a text message.

Eliminate scheduling gaps

Before making the employees’ shift schedule available, managers can use the help of work scheduling software to identify any gaps there may be in the schedule. Being able to properly identify these gaps easily and quickly can help ensure that their organization has staff present when are where required and prevent any scheduling issues from arising.

Prepare for emergencies

An emergency can occur at any time with no warning whatsoever, which is why it is extremely important to stay prepared and be ready to adapt to whatever the problem may be. One way managers can prepare for emergencies is by making sure there is always emergency staff available on call, ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Work scheduling software has made preparing for emergency situations a stress-free experience.

SimplyCast has developed a low-code work scheduling software called OnCall which can provide all these features to your business and more.  From being able to easily schedule staff to repeating or custom shifts to being able to see at a glance whenever there are too few staff members scheduled for a particular shift, OnCall can help any business with their scheduling needs.

Need more information?

Looking to learn more about SimplyCast’s OnCall scheduling solution? Check out this blog that will tell you how the software can fulfill all your scheduling needs!

Also be sure to check out SimplyCast’s FAQ page and you will be sure to find the answers to all your schedule management problems!

Interested in shift planning with SimplyCast? Click the button below to request a demo of the solution and a member of our SimplyCast team will be more than happy to help you discover how to simplify your staff scheduling!

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