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Manage your on-call schedule from a centralized location

OnCall Schedule Management Software

Organize, manage, and override on-call shift schedules from a central location

The best solution for on call staffing management

Managing schedules efficiently is one of the biggest challenges in a dynamic workplace. SimplyCast’s OnCall solution helps you to create and manage your staff schedule from one dashboard.  

Using OnCall, you can automatically reach the currently-scheduled on-call personnel at a facility, ensuring you have someone available to respond to emergencies at all times. If the on-call staff member cannot be reached at any given time, a fallback number can be specified to provide users with assistance. 

SimplyCast’s OnCall management solution is easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software. 

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Complete Solution

On-call Schedule Management
Made Easy

Schedule On-call Staff Create various contact groups and determine whether there are any gaps in your on-call scheduling. In the case of an illness or other unforeseen absence, the feature also allows you to override the current OnCall schedule to skip or replace that particular team member.
View Schedule Details at a Glance The OnCall calendar in the dashboard provides you with a detailed view of each on-call shift scheduled for each day and the staff members who are scheduled for those shifts. The calendar allows you to view the details of each shift and its scheduled on-call staff members.
Reach On-call Staff Using the OnCall software, you can ensure you have people ready to respond to emergencies at all times of the day. Schedule management software lets you automatically reach one of the currently on-call staff members so problems can be solved.
Access OnCall Reports Get comprehensive details regarding your On-call schedule management. Use the insights to manage your staff scheduling in more efficient ways.

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