How Video Marketing Services Benefit From Marketing Automation

How Video Marketing Services Benefit From Marketing Automation

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Video Marketing Services

Video marketing services are powerful tools for spreading a video around and getting attention. In fact, they ensure maximum optimization for the video's SEO ranking. What if they were even more efficient? Currently, social media and video sharing are huge, and as I mention in a previous post, video is becoming the mainstream for content creation. So what are five ways our platform can elevate your video marketing service?

1. Automated distribution and promotion

Say, for example, that over and above the social media outlets that your service sends to, you have a list of customers or leads you want to distribute samples of your work to. Sending out automated emails saves the time that would have been spent on writing each individual message. Use merge tags to put names in and make each email unique to the recipient. You save time and your distribution widens, satisfying your clients and giving you the ability to show off your work to more leads at one time.

2. Open up SMS for yourself and your clients

Mobile browsing is another thing on the rise. The fastest way to connect with a mobile user is SMS. These are often opened just moments after being received, and can be sent instantly. With our SMS product, it would be simple to send links to these videos and increase distribution over an entirely new medium. This allows you to offer a new service to your clients, and to market directly to business owners who opt in.

3. Host events for large clients

We know that sometimes you don't want to just market online. Every now and again, you might be promoting something that needs an in-person demonstration. Or you just want to promote a milestone in your company at an event. We have a solution for that as well, one that allows you to plan and execute your event. Easily design the admission method and, if tickets are required, design those as well all within the same app! This way, your event promoters can focus their efforts on creating the best experience possible for those attending, and not worry about minor administration details that you can take care of in our app.

4. Improve your customer experience

When you have a new customer come on board, you want more than just to show them you can do good work. You want them to feel valued, safe, and ready to come back again when they need your services. As such, you want to ensure that they are welcomed and valued by your company. You can do this easily and quickly via our platform. When a new customer signs up, they receive an informational packet via email or an automated call with a prerecorded message. This is personal and appealing.

5. Gain an opportunity to expand your reach

Through various partnership models such as our Reseller program, you can gain the ability to resell these features and many more to your own customers, giving you an additional revenue stream and expanding your marketing capabilities and services. This allows you to give your customer the tools to continue your marketing strategies from the initial consultation, and allows you to make a monthly gain from their continued use of your strategies. With video marketing on the rise, it's highly lucrative to be able to keep them coming back and generating recurring payments.

These are only a few brief points to show you that video marketing services can benefit highly from a platform like ours. If you want to know more, you can check out our video page, and then head on over and have a look at our features and highly reasonable pricing as well as our free services on our marketing automation page.

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