A Peek Inside SimplyCast - One Month Later

A Peek Inside SimplyCast - One Month Later

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A Peek Inside SimplyCast

It has been a full month since joining SimplyCast and you are officially part of the team. When you fire up your computer in the morning, your day quickly fills out as emails trickle in with requests and tasks.

You've decorated your own desk space will small trinkets, pictures, and little knick-knacks that display yourself to your co-workers. Every now and then someone will stop by to check out your hobbies on display, commenting, and making jokes between assignments.

Every day is different – some begin with designing and creating emails for clients. Others start with releasing your creative energy into blog posts about the SimplyCast platform's many features or trends currently seizing the marketing world. Each day, you dive deeper into both SimplyCast's software, your mind slowly becoming a living database so you can know the technology inside and out.

Whether you're between communication flows or design pieces, it's hard not to be taken away by the energy that permeates from each cubicle. Ideas and updates are continually shared between meetings and messages, your input continually appreciated and encouraged while you ask questions.

Lunch time quickly becomes a ritual of laughter and insight as everyone talks about their weekend or interesting places around town while a low-key cribbage tournament draws spectators. There can only be one winner – and we have a professional player in our midst.

As the clock hits 1 pm, everyone is back to their stations and buzzing as the sounds of chewing give way to the clicks and clacks of keyboards. It blends in to the faint sound of music emanating from headphones and computers, providing an unintentional but fitting soundtrack to the busy day.

Emails and tasks fly in and out of your inbox methodically like airplanes leaving an airport, service being interrupted momentarily by nerf darts or funny conversation. You are even looking up recipes in your spare time to figure out what you are bringing to the office potluck – a "golden" spoon is awarded to the best dish!

In the midst of this, client service always finds it way into your work. There is a heavy belief on client care and system improvement throughout the company and everyone is encouraged to find ways to better our software, our service or even ourselves through additional training.

As hard as it is to take yourself away from your computer at 3 o'clock, you can feel the desire for a hot drink coming on. Whisked away with your fellow co-workers, you quash the craving with a hot chocolate and enjoy the fresh spring air. It's nice and helps clear your mind – it can be easy to get lost when you're focusing on projects, but these breaks help relax the mind while letting you draw inspiration from those around you on any problems you've come across.

Refreshed, rejuvenated (and caffeinated) you return to your desk and push onward – commendations and thanks coming your way as the day begins to come to an end. As you look at your to-do list, crossing off completed projects before adding new ones, you wonder what tomorrow will hold. That's the best part – you have no idea and can't wait to get started!

Interested in working at SimplyCast? Visit our Careers page.

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