Alerts Offers Flexibility as a Union Mass Alerting Tool

Alerts Offers Flexibility as a Union Mass Alerting Tool

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SimplyCast's Alerts Offers Uniformity and Flexibility as a Union Mass Alerting Solution

Innovative "Union Use Case" application addresses logistical challenges via flexible and rapid-multi-conveyance solution! 

In physics there’s the Law of Boise-Einstein Condensate, which means ALL energy is instantaneously transmutable in simultaneous forms, or bytes (more properly referred to as a Q-Byte). In fact, nothing prevents its penetration: no solid or liquid mass can impede its nanoflow simply because everything is part of the Q-byte phenomena. 

Similarly, SimplyCast’s commitment to advancing and optimizing digitized communication engagements offers an instantaneous and robust messaging solution that works pretty-darn-near with the same level of open efficiency as a Q-byte. After all, what is online, or telephone (Smartphone or Android) digitized communication but light energy transmitted via fiber optics? 

Alerts Solution

SimplyCast's Alerts solution’s flexibility and scalability also serve to provide an expeditious "Union Use Case" solution  –  a conduit for digitized information conveyance providing union organizations with a multi-channel communication tool that can be used to produce immediate email, telephone, SMS, and fax notifications.  

With this nimble tool, alerts can be generated to notify pertinent union executive members and/or the general rosters of your local union branches about an important ongoing campaign, or an upcoming event (such as a critical anonymous vote requiring the engagement of ALL the local’s brothers and sisters to advocate for or advance specific union issues) in the timeliest fashion available. And, if used in conjunction with the available contact management tools, your union is also able to send out mass alerts to subscribed members of wider-affiliated trade unions or industry vocational-aligned provincial or national (international) union organizations. So, it’s a scalable, digitized medium for getting your messages and announcements out via the ubiquitous channels of email, telephone, SMS (texts), as well as fax.  

Plus or Minus the Workload, Alerts has Unions Covered! 

Do you have ELEPHANTS of union projects, campaigns, or events on your back? No worries! Alerts allows you to eat that elephant one, or many, alert notifications at a time. How? Add as many or as few contacts to each alert send as you require (choosing from either Individual Contacts, Add Contacts from List, Add Contacts using Filter, Add Contacts using Map, Add a New Contact, Add Contacts from OnCall Groups). 

Contact selection methods 

Who’s in your Alerts information exchange? The above image displays how unions can choose the ideal configuration of contacts who’ll receive their communications! 

But what if some union members prefer receiving emails while others prefer text messages? Or some members simply want friendly, familiar union president’s or vice-president's voicemail? No problem! The flexible mix-and-match adaptable features via the “Use Preferred Communication Method” enables the message sender to accommodate each individual member’s preferred method of receiving the correspondence. 

What if a union member wants to receive their alerts via the entire digital engagement enchilada? Well, the “Send All Created Messages” option will ensure the union member receives a blitz of communications across all available channels.  

Talk about accommodating each union member’s wish! 

At any given moment, local, regional, and national (or international) affiliated union organizations have lots going on: juggling changing employee human resource procedures, upgrading trade certifications, workplace health and safety protocols, member health and pension benefits plans, negotiating for collective agreements, or simply scheduling union fun campaign events that strengthen solidarity. That’s lots of balls in the air at any given time! And, this unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic has added a mammoth boulder to what is normally a Sisyphus challenge - keeping up with shouldering the concerns of brothers and sisters on the local’s agenda day after day. The challenge is how to organize, manage, and disseminate it all to union members with efficiency, accuracy, and certainty – especially now with union members’ health being of overriding concern in how the union deals with its normal affairs, and the reality that many union staff and executives are being challenged with working virtually as result of remote working conditions.  

Elevate and Accelerate Union Business! 

How can a union’s “business as usual" operations become more elevated and accelerated while also ensuring all its Ts are crossed and all its Is are dotted? SimplyCast’s nimble Alerts solution can address those concerns – full stop!  

By using the Alerts tool for transmitting notifications, you’re able to send custom or pre-made messages to targeted groups of individuals using pre-made lists, selecting a geographical region from the map view, or through easy searches. You can also allow users to confirm immediate receipt of your notifications, ensuring your union message reaches its target with complete accuracy! Now how’s that for quick and easy digital engagement and convenience?  

Opens map

Do you want to see where international affiliated union members are accessing alerts from? The alert report provides an Opens Map of the exact location from which union members are accessing your communications. 

Consider the leading-edge tools and features offered in this nimble and innovative Alerts application. The platform’s intuitive and user-friendly Alerts dashboard creates alerts individually or collectively. It also creates lists of contacts and manages and filters multiple pages of archivable and searchable alerts. With the SimplyCast Alerts tool, you can easily edit/delete/copy/abort campaigns, access reports; and create alerts as an email, SMS, voice (as either a text-to-speech, audio file upload, call-to-record – creating a message in your own, friendly voice!), or as a fax message. 

Rest assured, you can confirm receipts of messages through Alerts. You can track exactly who received and read what alert notifications  –  and when – with the convenient “Confirmation Receipt of Alert” tracking feature so no balls are dropped! How’s that for providing peace of mind that ALL your union’s members are embraced, arm-in-arm in solidarity and kept up to date on important, or casual, union business? 

Optimize Union Business with Alerts' Ability to Generate Notifications! 

Optimize how you create, organize, manage, and transmit your critical and/or casual “Union Information” announcements, events, campaigns, and activities. Maintain stronger solidarity advocating for, or advancing, your collective rights and union initiatives! If your union’s executive leadership team – or noble brothers and sisters – would like to learn more about how SimplyCast's Alerts application can generate and send alerts, reach out to a SimplyCast Union Solutions sales representative to learn more about this uniquely-Canadian, automated communication engagement solution. 

Key "Union Solution Use-Case" Take Away

Nimble. Flexible. Alerts offers a customizable, scalable digital engagement solution enabling local, regional, and national-affiliated union membership organizations to remain attentive to every individual union member’s preferred method of communication. Alerts offers digestible, rapid, instantaneous, and timely engagement with a user-friendly interface. Alerts offers adaptable public health and safety conscious solutions with penetrable logistics features and benefits as invaluable propositions with convenience in digital engagement messaging. 

Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of the Alerts solution today! 

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