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In cases of emergencies, it's important to be able to quickly and effectively notify parties that may be affected. SimplyCast's Alerts application, part of its emergency communication software suite, allows you to send pre-made or ad-hoc alert notifications over email, SMS, voice, and fax.

These alerts can be sent to notify emergency officials of an ongoing event and, if used in conjunction with the available contact management tools, you are able to send out mass alerts to subscribed members of the general public. And, with the advanced tracking system, you can see who received alerts and who missed out so you can take necessary steps. It comes with a built-in CRM to send customized alerts to different recipient groups.

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Cloud-based mass notification service Our cloud-based Alerts software can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere. You don't require any hardware, phone line, or coding experience to send mass alerts with us.
Multi-channel alert notifications The more the better. Notifying via multiple channels (voice, SMS, email, and fax) reduces the risk of any contact missing out on an emergency mass alert.
Location-based mass notification system Crisis in a specific region? Simply select the region to alert and all contacts in that specific area will be notified automatically.
One-click alert activation For situations like a wildfire, snowstorm, or active shooter, time is a crucial factor. Having a pre-planned mass alert template allows you to notify everyone with just one click.
IVR: remotely activate alerts During an emergency, you might not have access to the internet. In such scenarios, you can take out your mobile phone, type a designated PIN, and activate a mass notification campaign.
Alert confirmation of receipt Activating this feature will allow your alert recipients to take a channel-specific action to confirm they received your alert notification.
Get real-time alert reports Once emergency mass notifications are sent out, you can view their statuses on the dashboard. Determine who received your mass alerts and who missed out. Take necessary actions based on live intel.

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