3 Reasons to Automate Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders

3 Reasons to Automate Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders

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Automate Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders

Insurance companies play a key role in ensuring the safety of your home and belongings when something goes horribly wrong. These companies have many things to worry about and sending out insurance policy renewal reminder messages shouldn’t be one of them.

Many insurance companies use a manual process to remind clients of their policy renewal dates. When you have only a few clients to keep track of, this doesn’t sound so bad. When your client base grows past a few people, like most insurance companies do, it begins to become a major pain to manually remind each client of their policy renewal. This is why all insurance companies should be using an automated insurance policy renewal reminder process.

An automated insurance policy renewal reminder solution consists of all-in-one technology that sends out the reminders for you. You can set up a schedule for the reminder messages and customize them however you would like.

In this blog, however, we will be going over three of the reasons why you should be using an automated insurance policy renewal reminder process.

Never Forget Renewals

One of the biggest reasons to automate your insurance policy renewal reminder process saving yourself the trouble of remembering to send out reminders. With a manual process, employees will need to somehow track the renewal dates and send out messages.

However, with an automated process, you will never have to worry about missing a renewal reminder message again. After you implement an automated solution, all this work is taken care of. The solution will send out automated reminder messages to inform clients of their renewal date.

Keep All Information in One Spot

Another benefit to having an automated insurance policy renewal reminder process is that all client information will be stored in one spot. Instead of searching for a client’s contact information, everything you need will be in an organized database

Many companies use a spreadsheet to manage client information. This can be effective if you have a small number of clients, but this spreadsheet will soon become extremely difficult to manage once you expand. When you set up an automated insurance policy renewal reminder solution, the first step is to build your database. This database creates a profile for each client that contains their name, contact information, policy renewal date, and any other information you may need.

Restart Automatically

Renewal deadlines will usually be the same dates each year. Within the solution, you can set up a recurring reminder process so that messages are sent on whatever days you would like. This means that you will not need to manually recreate the reminder messages because the system will just keep sending them out for you.

You can choose to alter your reminder messages a bit each year, but this is optional. The solution will automatically restart once the policy reminders have been sent to your clients and will automatically include any new clients who purchased new policies in the current year.

Looking for an automated insurance policy renewal reminder solution?

If automated reminders are something that you are interested in, SimplyCast has you covered. Here at SimplyCast, we have created an all-in-one solution to help manage your insurance policy renewal reminders. Our software provides you with an efficient solution that automatically sends out reminder messages. The insurance policy renewal reminder solution can be used by any insurance company that is looking to increase their efficiency.

Click the button below to request a demo from our team to see you can automate the renewal reminder process using our automated solution!

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