How Accounting Social Media Can Help You Grow

How Accounting Social Media Can Help You Grow

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Accounting Social Media

Tapping into various forms of accounting social media has the potential to help your firm expand by increasing business as well the number of clients that choose your firm when tax season rolls around.

In order for your past and potentially future clientele to remember you, you need to have a strong online presence all year round, not just in the months and weeks leading up to April when taxes are due.

Social media has become a large part of the lives of many adults. Did you know that over 74 percent of internet users own and use at least one social media account?

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular sites in the social media world. Companies are beginning to realize the potential for online marketing through these sites and are coming up with ways to make more meaningful connections with their followers, increase brand loyalty, and boost customer satisfaction in the process.

How can I use accounting social media effectively?

There are a number of different ways to engage potential clients through social media. One thing you don't want to do is recite a bunch of boring, dry accounting facts. Sure, facts and numbers are an important part of accounting however, you must try to intersperse these with some fun facts and perhaps even some accounting jokes.

Why not hold a contest on your social media site? Ask a skill-testing math question and enter those with the correct answer into a draw to receive a consultation, or another service your firm provides, free of charge. This will let you interact and connect with your clients and keep them checking back to your site for updates and to see who won the contest.

Regularly updating your Facebook or Twitter pages means you will never be far from the minds of your current and prospective clients. Now when the time comes when they need accounting services, it is your firm they will think of first.

Automation makes accounting social media easy

You may think that adding accounting social media marketing to the list of things on your plate will be nearly impossible. However, maintaining your presence on social media does not have to be a hard and time-consuming task with the help of SimplyCast's 360 automation platform.

SimplyCast 360 includes both a Twitter and a Facebook application, which will allow your accounting business to easily automate your social media updates with minimal maintenance. You can plan out all your posts in advance and schedule them to post automatically in the coming days, weeks, or even months.

To see how easy it is for your accounting firm to benefit from using social media, be sure to visit the Facebook automation page.

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