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As one of the trending social media channels, Facebook can reach millions of potential customers. You can share stories, pictures, and videos, run special promotions and contests, and keep your company page up to date with automated daily posting. Automating and streamlining your Facebook marketing can get you a consistent stream of high-quality leads.

With SimplyCast’s Facebook application, you can automate Facebook posts on your page and manage your overall audience easily. Target specific group of followers to build greater engagement, interaction, and loyalty.

It is easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software. Save time and look professional with Facebook automation software.

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Efficient Facebook Scheduling and Targeting

Use Multiple Accounts With SimplyCast's Facebook marketing application, you can connect and use as many Facebook accounts as you want. This is helpful if you have more than one Facebook account that you manage.
Automated Posting Build all your Facebook campaigns in advance to make the most of your valuable time. With automated posting, keeping your Facebook page up to date takes no time at all. Target posts to specific segments of your audience for greater effectiveness. Set start and end dates to keep campaigns relevant and save time for your staff.
Integrated Forms Build your contact list by integrating a signup form onto your Facebook page. This is a great way to gain new fans and subscribers as well as boost engagement. All contact information collected through forms on your Facebook page is automatically stored in each contact's personal profile. This means it is available when you want to target them with personalized messages.
Set Automated Status Updates No need to remember to work on your Facebook page again. Fill in the fields with your text, links, and images and schedule for posting. Add unlimited status updates within one project. Fully preview how each will look to your readers before publishing.
Facebook Reports View reports on how each automated status update is doing. View clicks, likes, and comments with ease. As each campaign is rolled out, see stats update in real-time. Knowing who is engaging with your Facebook content and what they are liking will tell you what to keep doing. If certain content is not getting likes or comments, it could be your audience has no interest in that kind of content.

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Using SimplyCast Engagement Automation Platform is like having a marketing department that works 24/7 without holidays or vacation days. And it costs incomparably less.


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