Set Up Your Bank Marketing Follow-up Process in 4 Steps

Set Up Your Bank Marketing Follow-up Process in 4 Steps

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Marketing Follow-up for Banking, Set Up

Marketing has always been one of the primary activities for banks as they are always coming up with new products and services. From promotional bank accounts to special home mortgage services, banks never run out of products, so they need to do tons of marketing tasks to acquire new clients or upsell products/services to existing clients.

Now, banks cannot provide services to just anybody unless the product/service is a basic one. For instance, anyone can open an account with a bank. However, not everyone can get a second credit card or get a $500,000 mortgage for their first home. For these types of services, customers need to meet the eligibility criteria first that are set out by the bank.

For instance, many banks can only offer a home loan that is maximum five times what you earn. If someone earns $50,000 annually, the maximum home loan they can get is $300,000. Depending on the complexity of products and product-related policies, this eligibility criteria can differ.

Therefore, marketing these products is not an easy process. If your marketing team is doing the marketing manually, then the whole process becomes a cumbersome job. Why? Because there are so many manual, repetitive, boring tasks involved in the manual bank marketing follow-up process that not only eats a significant chunk of your team’s time, but also keeps your staff busy with repetitive tasks.

However, you can easily make your bank marketing follow-up process faster, more efficient, and less time-consuming. All you need to do is to automate the process!

“You make it sound so easy, huh?”

Of course! We admit that from a bird’s eye view, the concept of automating the bank marketing follow-up process can seem like a complicated fiasco but it’s easy if you follow the right steps. Think of it this way: the process is divided into multiple steps. Each step is fueled by the completion of the previous step. As we mentioned before, there are tasks involved in each of the steps and between two steps. These tasks are not difficult to do. They are mostly repetitive and straight-forward (like copy/pasting, replacing words, moving data from one point to another). When we say, “automate the process”, we mean “automate these tasks”. So, when these tasks are being done by an automated system, your team does not need to spend a lot of time on them as almost all the manual work is removed.

Let’s bring up an example!

Say Bank ABC’s marketing team needs to collect leads from a digital marketing campaign. They create a landing page with all the required information and that asks customers to email or call them if they are interested. A visitor finds the product interesting and emails the bank. A staff will get the email, copy and paste all the details into a spreadsheet or CRM system, and then reach out to them by email.

Hold on! The email follow-up process requires creating an email, copying and pasting addresses, copying and pasting the lead’s personal details to help personalize the email, and send it. Sounds so dynamic, right!? However, if Bank ABC’s marketing team had been using an automated bank marketing follow-up solution, they could capture leads and follow up with them without any of this human intervention.

I hope you already understood the magnitude of the benefits of having an automated bank follow-up process. And if you are reading this far, you must be interested in learning how to build the automated process?

Here, let us explain the four easy steps needed to set up your automated bank marketing follow-up process.

Step 1: Build a Custom Landing Page

When someone posts marketing content on social media or launches a search engine advertising campaign, the first thing they require is a landing page. A landing page is a single webpage where you can put your product/service marketing content in whatever way you prefer. If visitors find your social media content or search engine ad interesting, they will click on the content link/ad and get redirected to the landing page. Here, they will be provided more details about your banking product/service. You can customize the landing page with your bank’s brand identity, synchronized content, and most importantly, an embedded signup form. The signup form may collect visitors’ personal, contact, and other essential details that are required to assess their eligibilities for the product/service. Once they fill out and submit the form, all details will be recorded in a CRM database.

By the way, if you want to learn more about building a captivating landing page, check out this blog.

Step 2: Send an Automatic Thank You Email

This step is quite important because a thank you email works as a form submission confirmation as well as your initial engagement with the customer. It is evident that the faster you engage with a lead, the greater the chance to convert them. However, engaging with hundreds of leads manually is not a wise decision because it takes time. On top of that, if you decide to send personalized thank you emails, it is nearly impossible to do this manually. Therefore, you need to automate this process too. Using an email marketing software, you easily can create an email template with the thank you message, estimated time to hear back, your team’s contact information, etc. and automatically send a personalized copy of the thank you message you created every time a lead submits a form.

Step 3: Notify a Team Member When a Lead Signs Up

So, a lead is captured, and an automated thank you message is sent. What’s next? You need to notify a team member about the signup so they can take immediate action. Every time a lead submits a form, an email notification can be sent to a team member automatically.

Step 4: Determine Eligibility and Follow up Automatically

Finally, when you have all details of a lead in the CRM system, you can assess their eligibility for the service or product. Given the nature of the information you are asking for via the digital form, you can also automate the initial eligibility check process. When a lead is eligible, you can move the lead to another database. That action will trigger another pre-built eligibility status email template and a personalized copy will be sent to the eligible lead. The same can be done with leads that fall into the non-eligible category. Once the followup message is sent, a team member can check in with the lead in person if needed.

Voila! You now have an automated bank marketing follow-up process. Using that, you can now promote your product/service at scale without worrying about the capacity.


You do not need to build the whole process from scratch! You do not need to do stuff like creating a landing page manually by using HTML, CSS, or Javascript coding, connecting a CRM to the landing page, streamlining your marketing channels to the CRM database. I mean, your team is already busy handling these leads and existing clients, where is the time to develop such a solution?

Instead, why not use SimplyCast’s 100% ready-to-go automated bank marketing follow-up solution? We have built this solution using our in-house marketing automation, CRM, landing pages, digital forms, and email marketing software. Which means, we can customize it the way it fits your business requirements.

SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013 certified digital engagement service provider with data centers in the USA and Canada. Our platform is the world’s only no code/low code digital engagement platform with drag-and-drop functionality. You do not need to have any coding/technical skill to operate our platform.

We also have nearly unlimited storage and message transmission capacities. Our platform can send 100,000+ messages/hour and store unlimited contacts in the CRM. We also boast a minimum of 99.5% uptime. So, if you are looking for a reliable and scalable platform, SimplyCast should be on the top of your list.

Sound interesting? Don’t wait. Boost your bank’s marketing follow-up process today with SimplyCast.

Book a personalized, one-on-one demo with our experts today by clicking the button below.

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