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Easily create, send, and track thousands of targeted email blasts with our simple email marketing software.

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Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing method and is a very effective way to build a strong relationship with customers. Leveraging an email blast service helps improve these relationships on a large scale. Leveraging hyperautomation further enhances the power of an email blaster, expanding it from beyond a simple email marketing tool for email newsletters to a dynamic communication workhorse that can power all kinds of processes and campaigns.

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Create a personalized email marketing experience Insert contact details from the CRM to create hyper-personalized email campaigns for each of your contacts. The best part? You can create and send thousands of email blasts like this within minutes.
Build interactive email blasts Emails containing visual elements get higher response rates. Using our dynamic and simple email blast software and drag-and-drop functionality you can design emails with images, videos, buttons, and animations.
Optimize email marketing campaigns for mobile devices Make sure your prospects do not have to scroll right and left! Use mobile optimization settings to give email blast recipients a sleek email reading experience.
Design with professional email marketing templates Don't have time to design an email from scratch? We got it! Choose from our rich collection of pre-built email marketing templates. Select one and customize the content as you wish.
Set up automated personalized email campaigns Our automated email software allows you to slash manual efforts with automated sequenced email blasts. Based on recipients' activities, pre-set triggers will release follow-up emails automatically.
Track email blast performance in near real-time Results are important. You need to know if your email blast campaign is bringing you results. Use the reporting dashboard to track open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics in near real-time for your email blast campaigns.

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Using SimplyCast Engagement Automation Platform is like having a marketing department that works 24/7 without holidays or vacation days. And it costs incomparably less.


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