Automated Bank Marketing Follow-up: Top 8 Features

Automated Bank Marketing Follow-up: Top 8 Features

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Top 8 Features of an Automated Bank Marketing Follow-up Solution

An automated bank marketing follow-up solution helps your team boost efficiency by automating almost all tasks associated with your bank’s marketing and follow-up activities. For instance, you do not need to manually capture leads’ information or send them personalized follow-up messages one by one. All these tasks are automatically done so your staff can spend more time converting customers.

SimplyCast’s automated bank marketing follow-up solution can help you boost your team’s success rate and help convert customers at scale. We have discussed the way it works in this blog and the benefits you can get from an automated bank marketing follow-up solution.

However, you should be considering a wide range of factors before choosing a solution to automate your marketing follow-up process. Be it SimplyCast or any other provider, you must ensure that at least these requirements are met when you are considering a solution to adopt.

Feature #1 – User-friendly Interface

Usually, marketers are not super excited with deep technical work! So, if they need to write code or resolve technical issues to operate a solution, it will make the process worse instead of making it more efficient. Therefore, any solution you adopt must be user friendly.

By user-friendly, we mean that your staff should be able to operate the solution even with zero technical knowledge. For instance, they should not have to learn HTML/CSS to create an email. Instead, they can use their intuition to build a visually-appealing email just by dragging and dropping elements.

Feature #2 – Scalable Platform

Banks are not small organizations. When you have a large market size and your marketing team is doing a great job advertising your products and services, you need a solution that can handle an immense load of data traffic. Imagine, your marketing campaigns are going crazy and thousands of leads are signing up every day. All of a sudden, your system collapses because it is overloaded! You certainly do not want to face that scenario, do you?

Feature #3 – Reliable Service

In addition to scalability, you also should look at the reliability of a solution. If you are getting a solution that seems to work fine and you are super excited about it only to find that their servers often go down for a significantly long period, it may cause trouble. Therefore, the ideal bank marketing follow-up solution should have a significant uptime.

Feature #4 – Enterprise-grade Security

Banking information is sensitive. Especially, when there is financial and personal information involved. No bank should take any risks with their, and their customers’, data. Therefore, you need to ensure that the solution you are getting is secured. It’s even better if they follow a well-reputed security standard.

Feature #5 – Customized Onboarding & Training

When you are getting a solution, the best way to spend your money is to gain the ability to fully utilize the solution. Make sure that you are provided with an interactive onboarding. Plus, your staff should be trained to use the platform with access to a stream of learning resources.

Feature #6 – Dedicated Account Manager

There is not solution in the world that is 100 percent perfect! Users will always find themselves lost at some point. In these cases, instead of getting frustrated, you should be able to request help from a specialist. Having a dedicated account manager helps you to build better campaigns that work perfectly.

Feature #7 – Streamlined & Customizable Service

You should not be dealing with any technical stuff while using a bank marketing follow-up solution. So, if you are using multiple platforms to stitch together a solution this can be a troublesome job. Instead, why not go for a solution that has all necessary tools under one platform making it easy to streamline? Also, having an all-in-one platform on board helps you to customize the service the way you prefer.

Feature #8 – Multi-functional

Finally, why limit yourself to only one use case? Your bank has many use cases pertaining to digital engagement activities. It is not wise to pay for a different solution for each of these use cases. Instead, find a platform that can provide you with solutions to all your digital engagement use cases in addition to an automated bank marketing follow-up solution.

Having these features is essential for an ideal bank marketing follow-up solution because you will be able to reduce your workload; save money and resources; and become more cost-efficient when it comes to being able to use the solution for more than one purpose.

Fortunately, SimplyCast check all these boxes!

Our platform has a user-friendly and clean interface with drag-and-drop functionality. We have the capacity to store unlimited contacts plus the ability to send and receive 100,000+ messages per hour. We also have a minimum of 99.5% uptime, which is super reliable. Our company is also ISO 27001:2013-certified with datacenters in the USA and Canada and an end-to-end encryption process while sending/receiving messages.

We provide our clients with customized onboarding. Our expert trainers also provide regular training sessions with the option to have personalized training so you can utilize our platform to the fullest. At any time, if you need help, our team of dedicated account managers are always there to help.

Our solution is 100 percent ready to go. We have used our own digital engagement tools to build the solution and streamlined them properly. Depending on your business needs, we can tweak this solution the way it best meets your business requirements.

Most importantly, you can use SimplyCast’s digital engagement tools in nearly unlimited ways alongside automating your bank marketing follow-up process. With 20+ tools and a state-of-the-art marketing automation technology, we can solve any digital engagement use case.

Sound interesting? Let us explain more!

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