How Can Having an Automated Client Outreach Solution Help

How Can Having an Automated Client Outreach Solution Help

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Automated Client Outreach Solution

Client outreach is a daily facet of life in almost every organization on the planet, from small businesses to international enterprises, and even non-profit organizations and governments. If you provide a product or a service, you tend to reach out to clients to keep them informed, offer them helpful services, or encourage them to engage with your organization.

Client outreach poses a big problem though. As a small business owner starting out, managing client outreach is no big deal. It eats up a bit of your time but is often manageable at first. Quickly, though, things start to snowball out of control. The more clients your organization secures, the harder it becomes to scale with the client base. One answer to this issue could be to simply hire more staff as you grow, but that only solves the issue for so long. Eventually client outreach takes up the entire day of your staff. Imagine if Microsoft tried to manually perform client outreach for users of their operating system, or even their games consoles. While the latter is certainly a smaller audience in theory, the truth is that it still accounts for millions of clients.

If Microsoft were to pay employees to keep up with all those clients and keep them in the know, it would be a weeks-long endeavor just to alert them to sales, let them know about new product releases, and engage them with helpful “how-tos” and remind them of special promotions. In addition, it would be incredibly expensive. As a PC user myself, I have noticed that some of these things, they just do not seem to do. What they do, however, is often done by way of some form of automation.

Automation offers you the opportunity to still have personal connections with clients, but also to quickly and routinely give them the news and information they need to engage with your organization the way they want to. An automated client outreach platform could drastically improve your client relationships, particularly if you are attentive. In doing so, you encourage their financial support and you work toward building lasting brand loyalty, not unlike our earlier example.

Here, in this blog, we have explained our top reasons to build an automated client outreach solution:

1. Streamline the process

As mentioned above, manually processing the interactions between your organization and your clients is required sometimes. Sometimes, however, it can become cumbersome and time-consuming. If you implement an automated solution, you can perform client outreach that lacks the mistakes that human error yields, while ensuring a smooth rollout of each automated message, templated in advance. You can also track client responses, actions taken with the messages, and adjust your outreach based on that behavior. Streamlining this process will allow you to manage as many or as few clients as you like while focusing on human interactions where they will have the most impact.

2. Resource management

As your client base grows, you face the prospect of the rising cost of outreach and engagement. Certain interactions and outreach programs are vital and cannot be automated. Others, however, are easy and effective even while automated. By automating the processes that can be, you will see that you can actively devote more human resources to the essential areas of your client communication.

Furthermore, you will be able to reduce the cost of your outreach as well. Rather than paying for several disparate services scaled to your substantial number of employees, you can pay for a single solution that contains all the tools you need. This also allows you to be flexible in where employees are placed and allows them to feel more satisfaction in their work as they flex their talents in diverse ways.

3. Scaling up

We have mentioned a couple of times now that you need a solution that can meet your needs from the smallest to the biggest organizations. You can find, in an automated client outreach solution, a platform that will scale with you from beginning to end and can match whatever needs you might have.

An ideal solution will always be able to scale with you, thus enabling you to maintain a single, well-kept relationship with a service provider that knows your needs and operates like clockwork. That way you can grow without fearing a substantial cost increase from a service provider switch and avoid the cost of retraining.

4. Stronger relationships

Client outreach is an important part of how you build lasting client relationships and encourage brand loyalty. If done well, you can build a strong, lasting client relationship and really push your automated messaging to a level at which it feels personal and tailor-made. This leaves a big impression on the client.

Using tracking and reporting data, as well as merge tags and more, you can set up messages to refer to your clients by name, offer them specialized information based on their past behavior and even the parts of your organization they have shown interest in. They will continue to receive this specialized outreach, which tells them in turn that you are taking an interest.

Sound interesting?

It should! With an automated client outreach solution, you can not only conduct your sales and marketing efficiently, but also tailor them specifically to your business needs. With more benefits and less hassle, almost every major organization is now using an automated client outreach solution. Why should you wait?

If you are looking for a solution that can be customized to fit your needs, SimplyCast is right here for you. We have built a client outreach automation solution from scratch with our in-house technology. Using our automation platform, digital form builder, email marketing software, and CRM solution, we built an all-in-one client outreach solution that helps businesses to communicate with clients more efficiently.

Our scalable solution can handle nearly unlimited clients with the capacity of sending 150,000 messages per hour and running 10,000 concurrent sessions. If needed, we can always make additional arrangements for our clients as they grow.

SimplyCast is also ISO 27001:2013-certified with data centers in the USA and Canada. Which means your data is safe on our servers.

Learn more about SimplyCast’s client outreach solution today. Request your one-on-one demo with one of our experts by clicking the button below!

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