Leveraging Automated Communications in the Workplace

Leveraging Automated Communications in the Workplace

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communications technology in the workplace

Technology is everywhere, there’s no doubt about that, from how we eat and how we sleep, to the way we exercise and socialize with those around us. Communications technology is just one small piece of the pie, allowing us to connect with virtually anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The evolution of modern communications technology is fascinating to consider. What started out with Alexander Graham Bell and Guglielmo Marconi’s advancements in telephony and radio transmissions respectively, has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past hundred years or so to the point where we can video-chat with someone on the other side of the globe.

Communications technology is what allows us to perform our jobs on a day-to-day basis: calling clients and prospects, booking and holding meetings and calls, and even conversing with our colleagues internally. Without it, we would be hard-pressed to get anything productive accomplished (although at times we might feel like the opposite is true).

With all of this technology available to us at our every turn, sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and let it just take care of itself.

Automating communications technology

This is where automation comes in.

Automation is the power to have certain processes function independently without human involvement. Automation can greatly reduce a person’s workload, especially when much of their time is spent performing repetitive tasks, such as sending reminder messages and phone calls or manually collecting and inputting data into an online system.

There is so much you can accomplish if you have the right automation platform.

With the right tool, you are able to create automation campaigns that will allow you automatically send these messages en masse to your contacts and follow up with them after a defined period of time.  

You are able to set up auto-response campaigns that respond to contacts automatically when they take a certain action.

You are able to collect contact information from clients and prospects and have it stored automatically in an easily accessible format.

Automation can help make your workplace more efficient by leaving you more time to focus on creating and nurturing relationships with your clients. Focus more on closing deals than performing grueling outreach.

Provide more with multi-channel communication

By automating your everyday processes, you are able to optimize your contact engagement by leveraging multiple channels of communication – something that would not be possible if you were performing all these tasks manually.

Send messages to contacts based on their preferred mode of communication rather than limiting yourself to one communication channel. Utilize a multi-channel approach when reaching out to contacts to provide both variety and convenience – email, SMS, voice, and fax messages can all be set up and sent in bulk to any and all of your contacts you have contact information for, reducing both your time and overall effort.

Automated multi-channel communications technology provides your company with an untold number of benefits when it comes to marketing your services and your products, from being able to reach entirely new markets not previously available to you, to  strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers by being able to provide them with prompt, quality service through the communication method of their choice.

It’s fairly simple: the more communication options your company has, the more prospective clients you will be able to reach. It’s a situation where everybody wins.

Check out SimplyCast’s multi-channel automation platform

While we are talking about the merits of automated, multi-channel communications technology, we should mention that SimplyCast’s all-in-one engagement communication platform can provide your company with all the tools you need in order to maximize your marketing and communication potential!

With the power to provide automated communications via email, SMS, voice, and fax, let SimplyCast save your company from spending too much time on performing manual tasks. Our customer communication workflow tool, SimplyCast 360, allows you to set up sophisticated campaigns that can run independently in the background while you spend your valuable time creating and maintaining important customer relationships and closing deals.

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