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Fax marketing is a great way to connect with other businesses, send sensitive documents, reach out with coupons and special promotions through fax blast services as well as communicate when you don’t have an internet connection. Create, send, and analyze your fax campaigns entirely from your computer without ever touching a fax machine.


Discover the best time to send campaigns and more by reviewing detailed real-time reports and analytics.


Organize campaigns in advance with simple scheduling, detailed cost estimates and a cross-check feature.


Communicate with customers worldwide. We offer competitive rates and only charge you for successfully sent faxes.

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EmergHub is a fully-customizable platform, built to work for any possible emergency scenario. From snowstorms and forest fires to mass shootings and everything in between, EmergHub is ready.

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EmergHub is built to complement your existing emergency processes. Connect the system with our existing integrations, or request a new one.

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