Behind the Scenes: Version 8.8 Release Week

Behind the Scenes: Version 8.8 Release Week

Behind the Scenes

Last month, during Version 8.8's Release Week, the Content Team was able to introduce four new marketing features: an upgraded CRM, a new Audience Management tool, a redone Reporting interface, and the new Calendar application. The combined use of each of these new and updated features is to help SimplyCast clients better engage with their customers.

Erin McCabe, a new junior digital copywriter, was the lead of Release Week. She said that, for release week, "there was a lot to plan out and a lot of content that needed to be written." She said that she had a lot of help with that from the content team. "We wrote press releases, a whitepaper, FAQs, message center updates, email updates - the whole shebang." Projects had been planned out well and Erin did a great job with just a few tricky spots along the way.

"We had a few little hiccups when Calendar wasn't released on Thursday as it was supposed to so we didn't have anything go out on Thursday," said Erin, "but we had both things [Calendar and Reporting] go out on Friday so that helped a lot. Everything got done eventually and we just played it off as well as we could."

After the project was finished, Erin took a good look at what was done. "One thing I learned is that things don't always go according to plan," said Erin. "You have to kind of roll with the punches as well as you can and figure out how to deal with the issues that come up."

"Calendar didn't come out on time on Thursday so instead we decided to do a ‘Two-for-one' type thing on Friday when both Calendar and Reporting were released, which worked out well, I think. The other, maybe more pertinent, lesson I learned is that it is important to make sure all team members are in the loop and know what the plan is," Erin said. "So, in the future, we've made a checklist of everything we need to do so that everyone remains on top of things and is in the know, myself included, and hopefully things can run smoother in future launches!"

Behind the Scenes is a new blog series from SimplyCast. In these posts, we will talk to employees about current projects and ongoing tasks. Check back to see what other SimplyCast employees are up to.

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