SimplyCast 8.8: Calendar

SimplyCast 8.8: Calendar

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SimplyCast 8.8

This week, we've been unwrapping several new features to increase software usability, offer more targeted communications, and get a more complete picture of how your campaigns have performed.  While we offer a robust and versatile platform with many methods of communication, apart from our Reports feature, there hasn't been a way to visually analyze and validate campaign data in the past. This issue has been extensively thought out, and our developers have done their best to create a system that is as versatile as our main platform, yet can also be applied to an individual user's specific needs.

Introducing Calendar

There is now a way for you to see the timelines of all of your campaigns in one place, as well as the ability to preview them from the same page, and provides easy access to Reports. We here at SimplyCast are pleased to roll out a Calendar feature as part of our 8.8 release, which can be accessed from the platform menu. It has been built to integrate seamlessly with your existing campaigns, and any new campaigns will automatically appear on the calendar, allowing you to know exactly what you have running at what time. This can be valuable information to have when analyzing campaigns after they've finished running, as they allow you to nail down a specific timeframe or date of the week when they may be most effective.


Clicking on a campaign in the Calendar will allow you to see additional information via a sliding panel on the right, which also includes links to preview the campaign and check the campaign's reports. You can choose to view your calendar by day, week, or month, and search through your campaigns by title.

You can choose to view the campaigns based on what channel they are being sent through – email, fax, SMS, voice, and SimplyCast 360, and it will also display your entire campaign history, which can be very useful when you're trying to find a specific campaign and don't want to sort through a list of all of the campaigns you've run on various channels.

What's Next?

The introduction of this feature lays the groundwork for our Calendar system, with the intent to add additional functionalities incrementally in the future. We hope to build on this existing system to ensure that the feature is more robust, and won't rely as heavily on other channels for use, but believe that in its current form it still an extraordinarily useful tool, especially if you are dealing with many campaigns.

We hope that you find the addition of the Calendar feature to the SimplyCast platform useful to help you manage and target your campaigns, as well as to better validate your results, and we'd love to hear if you have any ideas to improve upon it. If you have any questions about Calendar, or any of the new tools included in our 8.8 release, please contact our customer care team or check out this helpful video. If you're not currently a user, you can gain access to all of these features by signing up for a free 14-day trial!

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