Benefits of Automated Event Registration and Management

Benefits of Automated Event Registration and Management

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Automated Event Registration and Management

Every event management company should be using an automated solution by now. The event registration and management process is something that can be made so simple, yet some companies are still using a complicated, outdated, and often manual solution. It is time to get rid of those outdated processes and switch to automation.

There are many benefits to having an automated event registration and management solution. Using automation doesn’t only benefit the event organizers, but it can also make the process a lot easier for the event participants as well. In this blog, we will go over some of the benefits of implementing an automated event registration and management solution.

1. Boost Efficiency

Gaining a boost in efficiency is potentially the most important benefit of all. Collecting information via online forms is much more efficient than any manual data collection process. Having this process automated will free up some time you’d otherwise be spending verifying registrations, sending out reminders for the event, or promoting your event registration form. All these steps in the process can be completed for you with the right automated tool, so you can focus your efforts on different aspects of the event.

2. Reduce Errors

A manual event registration process is prone to human error. After implementing an automated process, the chance of human error is simply wiped away. All the information that participants provide you with on the registration form will be input into a central database. This database stores all your information in one spot and is much more efficient than using a cluttered spreadsheet to collect event participant information.

3. Improve Customer Experience

When organizing any event, it’s essential to keep your participants in mind. If a potential eventgoer realizes there is a long and complicated process just to register, they may think it isn’t worth it and forget about the event entirely. Now you have lost a participant that you could have gained by having an easy registration process. Registering for the event should be as easy as possible for your participants, which is why an automated solution can help.

4. Reduce Guest Falloff

A big part of the event registration and management process is sending off a confirmation message directly after someone registers. The confirmation message helps by giving participants something they can go back and look at if they’re ever unsure about any details about the event such as the date, time, or location.

Reminder messages can also be sent out after a participant registers for the event. The reminder messages help keep participants aware of the details and generate excitement about the event. It’s a good idea to send out at least a couple of reminders during the days leading up to the event.

Both of these messages help reduce guest falloff by keeping the participants aware of the event and any information regarding it. The best part is that the messages are sent out automatically after you have set up your new solution.

5. Easily Follow-up with Attendees

Instead of manually reaching out to participants after the event, an automated system will automatically send out a thank you message to everyone who attended. Sending these messages can benefit event organizers because this simple gesture encourages repeat attendance and shows your appreciation for everyone who attended. You could also attach a link to a list of upcoming events, in case they want to register for more.

For the people who bought a ticket but didn’t attend the event, a brief survey can be sent out to try and determine why they didn’t attend. This data can be analyzed and used to make improvements for future events.

Looking to automate your event registration and management process?

To sum up, it is easy to see why using an automated process for managing your events is so beneficial. You can save so much time and effort by simply eliminating unnecessary manual tasks and letting the system do the work for you.

SimplyCast has all the tools needed to create an efficient event registration and management solution. There are five simple steps to automating the process. Check out this blog to learn more information about the steps to creating an automated event registration and management process.

Click the button below to request a demo and let us show you how our solution can help you efficiently take care of your event registration and management needs.

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