Building an On-the-Spot Lead Generation Solution

Building an On-the-Spot Lead Generation Solution

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On-the-Spot Lead Generation Solution

Ari works for a car dealership. On busy days, it can be difficult to speak to each customer individually, much less get them to sign up for updates and offers – a process that is done manually and then entered into the system later. Some customers don’t wind up being offered the chance at all, leading to leads being lost. Furthermore, entering all the customers that come into the dealership can take up time that could be used elsewhere, leading to work going undone or being delayed.

Unnecessary manual tasks have a knock-on effect that can cause problems for the rest of the company.

In this digital era, if you do not have an on-the-spot lead generation system in place, it’s only a matter of time before your entire sales and marketing process will start seeing intense levels of strain.

Now, what can Ari do here to increase their efficiency? Hire more people to do the manual tasks, track business development activities, and streamline data after follow-ups? That’s not a good decision from a business point of view because no matter how many additional resources you add to a disorganized lead generation process, it will eventually fail.

That is, unless you have a proper on-the-spot lead generation automation strategy and highly effective automation platform.

What is On-the-Spot Lead Generation?

On-the-spot lead generation is the act of generating lead data wherever the lead is at in a particular moment in time. It is a process that allows leads to provide their own data and contact information to follow up on or send specialized marketing to.

Confused? Let’s bring Ari back into the picture.

Remember what is Ari’s first task is when a visitor signs up? They have to copy the lead’s information from the initial signup and record it in a sales spreadsheet or other lead database. It would take an average of three or four copies and pastes to copy over one lead’s information from a digital source, and potentially longer to copy from a manual sign-up sheet or something like that. Now, what if the signup form is connected to a central contact database and every time someone submits the form, it will automatically record all the information in the database in addition to sending the confirmation email to Ari? This means one less manual task for one lead, so if there are thousands of incoming leads in a week, thousands of minutes can be saved! The customer feels that they have avoided the pressure that can come with a face-to-face conversation, and Ari has their information which can be used to provide them with specialized, personalized information.

That’s just one example of a working on-the-spot lead generation system. What about automated engagement? Back to Ari again! Ideally, Ari would send an initial engagement email with some interesting content for the lead to explore before they reach out with a pitch or a demo, right? Sending a personalized email takes time and doing it again and again eats up significant chunks of time for a salesperson. Names could be gotten wrong, or they could mix up the interests of leads while writing. Now, what if Ari could set up a system that automatically sends a highly-personalized thank you email to someone who just signed up? That email could have visual elements with highly engaging content Makes an impression, doesn’t it? From there, automated messages could be set up to share monthly sales and offers, as well as information related to a given lead’s specific interests.

Basically, you can automate almost every single step in a lead generation process and make it so efficient that you can deal with thousands of leads without allocating more resources to the process.

We have built an easy four-step guide for building an on-the-spot lead generation solution for you to try out.

Let’s start then, shall we?

Setting Up an On-the-Spot Lead Generation Solution

Step 1: Form and QR Code Setup

Once your form is constructed within your solution, you need a way to direct the lead to the form, no matter where they are. The easiest way to do this is presented while you are building your web form. You can construct a QR code that will direct the lead to the signup form, which can be posted physically around the business. The form can of course also be embedded or linked to in online communications, which allows you to truly collect lead information on the spot, whether online or in person.

Step 2: Capture New Leads

Once you have your form and your QR code ready to go, your process begins. You start to capture new leads and their information is automatically stored in a central database. This central database is how your automated thank you will be personalized before the messaging goes out, and how you’ll continue to personalize engagement messages from now on. It’s important to ensure that your database is accurate and up to date. You can import leads from existing spreadsheets or other sources as well and funnel them into your automated engagement process manually.

Step 3: Automated Engagement

Creating and maintaining a lead database is quite important. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for any salesperson to track those leads. After you have those leads, however, you need to engage with them to keep them thinking about your brand, your product or service, and so on. Automating engagement can be quick and easy with a solution that connects to a central database. Personalized templates can be set up for each offering that a lead might have interest in within your organization. These personalized templates can pull from lead data to refer to the lead by name and insert other important data. From the initial thank you message for signing up, to newsletters, offers, and information regarding the services or goods of interest, all of your engagement can nurture leads automatically and funnel them to your salespeople.

Step 4: Responses and Reports

Once your messages start going out and leads are being engaged, you need to keep an eye on replies and reports from those leads. This will help you identify early if there is someone having difficulty or not receiving the right messages. It will also help you see patterns. Are there messages in your engagement campaigns that are being opened more often? Are there messages being ignored? All this information is contained within the reports and will help you to refine and perfect your engagement until you have a process that works for you.

Once you are done with all these steps, you have a complete on-the-spot lead generation process! With this process, you can automate nearly every task between capturing a lead to closing the lead as a sale.

Great idea! What now?

If you find this process interesting, you can always create one for your business. However, as mentioned before, building all parts of this process from scratch is a difficult task. On the other hand, if you are using various digital tools like form builder, email blaster, CRM, etc., you are spending a lot of money. Not to mention the number of technical tasks you need to perform to streamline and integrate all these tools together. Even a simple integration issue can break down the whole process.

What’s the solution then?

SimplyCast anticipated this issue and created a complete on-the-spot lead generation solution for businesses. With our in-house automation technology, we have streamlined our form builder software, email marketing software, and CRM system to create a fool-proof solution that automates nearly every task related to capturing, storing, nurturing, and closing deals.

The best part? All these tools are under one single platform, so you do not need to worry about streamlining these tools. You are also saving money are resource by not using multiple platforms!

Our solution is 100 percent ready to go and fully customizable based on your needs. Depending on your business requirements, our consultants can help you to design a perfect on-the-spot lead generation solution using our on-the-spot lead generation automation platform.

Why wait? Speak to our experts today! Click the button below to request a demo of the solution today!

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