Is Your Business Looking for Emergency Communication Tools?

Is Your Business Looking for Emergency Communication Tools?

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Emergency Communication Tools

Picture this. It's a normal work day and everyone is going about their daily routine. Then, without warning, this routine is shattered by an individual or meteorological event bent on causing harm to your employees and anyone else who may be in the vicinity.

What do you do? How do you communicate with all these people to ensure their safety or at least make them aware of the threat?

As you likely know by now, here at SimplyCast we recently launched three EmergHub channels to the platform geared toward streamlining communication during an emergency. These channels have the power to allow you and your business to quickly and easily send important notifications to all stakeholders during a crisis or emergency to ensure safety and awareness - including employees, clients, and even subscribed members of the general public.



Imagine a robbery is in progress at your place of business. Do you have a way to quickly notify the rest of your employees, your clients, and the authorities?

Alerts is a mass notification tool that can be used to quickly notify employees, clients, and subscribed members of the general public in the event of an emergency. With the ability to send notifications through a number of communication channels, Alerts can help ensure that your contacts receive notifications using their method of choice. You can also enable the Confirm Receipt of Alert feature which will require recipients to indicate they have received the alert message. This feature will allow you to determine who has and has not received your alert notification by viewing at a glance the number of confirmed receipts in the Alerts report.

Live Survey

Imagine an earthquake just shook your building. Can you quickly poll your employees to see if they're OK and check for any damages?

Live Survey is a polling tool that enables you to ask your contacts a single question using multiple communication methods in order to collect responses quickly and efficiently during an emergency situation. This survey question can either be asked as a multiple choice or open-ended question and incoming results are live-updating in the Live Survey report, so you are able to watch and take note of how the situation is evolving. Recipients can easily change their responses by answering the survey more than once and the report will automatically update with the new information.


Imagine an emergency causes a massive power surge, causing computers to lose a lot of important data. Can you recruit a team of IT staff with the necessary skills to recover the backup files and restore the data to the affected computers?

Recall is a recruitment tool that is used to rally appropriate personnel to the scene of an ongoing event. Like alert notifications, recall messages can be sent using multiple communication channels to recipients to help ensure they receive the messages in a timely manner. However, with Recall, you are able to request only people with a certain skill set, rank, or any other characteristic noted in their Contact Relationship Manager profile. Once the necessary number of responders has been achieved for any of your categories, the responder category can then be ended automatically or manually – meaning every responder who responds after the quota has been met will receive a message saying the recall has been completed and they are no longer needed.

What if I don't need emergency communication tools?

Well, first of all, every organization should have a way of notifying everyone and collecting important information in the event of an emergency situation, but that being said these channels are versatile enough that they can be used for everyday operations as well!

Alerts can allow your organization to notify employees and clients of an office closure due to inclement weather.

Live Survey can be used to gather information on what kind of pizza everyone wants for lunch, or what they wish to do for the next office party.

Recall can be used to gather a specialized team to complete an important, last minute project.


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