Collect Rent on Time: Automated Rent Payment Reminders

Collect Rent on Time: Automated Rent Payment Reminders

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Automated Rent Payment Reminders

With all the stresses of everyday life, sometimes it can be easy to forget to make important payments – such as rent, for example.

When tenants forget to pay their rent on time, this can cause issues for property managers and landlords who don’t necessarily have the time to go chasing after the payments that are owed. Property managers do what they can in order to remind their tenants each month, but often times sending out physical payment reminders (such as a slip under an apartment door) can go unnoticed by tenants and can take up even more time for managers that they don’t have.

To help with this challenge, a property manager’s process for sending out rent payment reminders to tenants can be enhanced with help from a digital solution, which can assist by allowing property managers to set up reminder messages in advance in order to save them time to focus on other important tasks.

An automated solution for sending rent payment reminders to tenants can greatly increase the efficiency with which these reminders are sent. No more sliding notices under apartment doors – with a few clicks, you can send reminders to every single tenant all at once.

Here are the four steps to setting up an automated rend reminder solution.

1. Build Your Tenant Database

First things first. When setting up your automated rent payment reminder solution, you need to make sure you have all your tenant information organized in a single easy-to-access location. Spreadsheets of tenants’ contact information can easily become too convoluted or hard to manage.

With a digital tenant rent payment reminder solution, you are able to store all the information for tenants (such as their names, their contact information, their apartment address, and any other piece of information you need) in a central contact database that can easily be accessed by the automated solution once the rent reminders need to be sent out.

2. Create Your Reminder Notification Templates

The next step of automating the rent payment reminder process is creating a set of message templates that can be sent automatically whenever tenants’ rent is due. These templates can be repurposed every month with little to no modifications.

Each payment reminder template should contain all the important information necessary for tenants to know in order to pay their rent on time – such as the amount owed, when the due date is, instructions on how to make the payment, etc. These message templates can be automatically personalized to each individual tenant by making use of merge tags – placeholder text that will automatically pull the relevant information for each tenant when the template gets sent to them.

3. Send Rent Payment Reminders

Once you have your contact database and rent payment reminder templates set up, you are ready to go.  

The automated rent reminder solution will send your reminders to tenants every month at a time you have specified, without you have to worry about remembering to send, or initiate, them manually. Depending on how the solution is set up, you can even send out multiple reminders each month in advance of the due date to ensure that your tenants are aware of any payments they need to make.

4. Review Reports

Every moth, following tenants’ rent due dates, the rent payment reminder solution will generate a report automatically which will provide you with important details and information regarding the rent reminders that were sent, such as the open rate, click-through rate, and who engaged with the messages and when.

These reports will help you measure the effectiveness of your rent reminder process and will provide you with helpful insights into where you may need to improve your messaging in order to ensure that your tenants are paying their rent on time, every time.

Looking to implement an automated rent payment reminder solution?

If you are wondering how automation can help improve your rent reminder process, SimplyCast has built a solution using our contact management, and automation tools that can assist with sending your payment reminders to tenants automatically. The solution can be customized to meet the requirements of any property management company in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the rent reminder process.

To request a one-on-one demo from our team to see how you can use SimplyCast’s tenant rent payment reminder solution, click the button below!

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