Why Digitize COVID-19 Cross-Border Travel Registrations

Why Digitize COVID-19 Cross-Border Travel Registrations

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As the COVID-19 situation intensifies, government and state/provincial authorities are imposing more and more travel restrictions and travel requirements to stop the spread. These regulations include cross-border travel registration and check-up processes where authorities/employers collect traveler information, keep records and monitor their statuses during their isolation/quarantine periods.

SimplyCast, the world’s #1 engagement automation solution proposes a cutting-edge solution to automate the entire process to save time and resources, and accurately record data to make informed decisions. With the use of an online form, travelers can complete their travel registrations. Authorities can store the data in our CRM software and send daily alert check ups for a set number of time via automated voice calls. Travelers who are isolating/quarantining need to respond to these reminders to confirm that they are isolating properly and are having no issues. Once the isolation/quarantine period are over, they will stop receiving messages.

Pretty simple, right? Quite useful too. You might want to take a look into this presentation to learn more about it.

We are sure that you will find our solution quite interesting.

But there’s still something, right?

Many organizations (especially schools) will be hesitating to use this software because many factors are involved as well. Efficiency isn’t the only thing that counts – the technology needs to be reliable as well. Especially, when it comes to data security and service stability, it is natural to be sceptical before considering a solution.

That’s why we are here today. Let us show you the top 12 reasons why you should choose SimplyCast’s automated cross-border travel registration & check-up solution.

Simple User Interface

Our digital forms are quite simple to use so travelers can fill them out conveniently. Fields can be marked as mandatory or optional. On the admin side, the CRM is quite clean and simple to use. Moving contacts between different lists is easy, so is uploading data manually and keeping track of contact interactions.

Unlimited Entries

Our CRM and digital forms are scalable. Which means from hundreds of form submissions to millions of form submissions at once, we have the capacity to handle it.

Unlimited Contact Storage

Similarly, our CRM can record unlimited contacts. We can also get on-demand gateways and servers to extend our current capacity.


This is a SimplyCast-exclusive feature. Our smart autoresponder ensures that when certain criteria are met, those who submitted forms will receive automated confirmation message. Those auto-responses will be highly personalized based on the information obtained from the travelers.

Reliable Uptime

Any service is only as good as its uptime. Which means, if there is a longer period of time when the service is disrupted or unavailable, the consequence can be severe. SimplyCast takes this risk into consideration and maintains the best possible protocol to maintain a minimum of 99.5% uptime.

Enterprise-grade Security

Data security is one of the most important factors for organizations these days. SimplyCast therefore ensures the highest possible data security services for clients. Our software is ISO 27001:2013-certified, which means your client data is stored in our secured system.

Data Centers in the USA & Canada

In addition to the data security policy, we also have data centers in the USA and Canada to meet your organizations policy requirements. Depending on your needs, you can choose your data center.

Data Encryption

Our messaging system is fully encrypted, making it secure and not vulnerable. We constantly seek latest technologies to keep our data security updated.

Free Consultation

Being one of clients’ favorite features, SimplyCast’s free consultation service helps our clients design projects or campaigns that yield the best results.

Support Services

We are available to our clients to support them in any way they need. You can reach us via email, phone call, or live chat (depending on hours). We take customer issues quite seriously and try to resolve the problems in the fastest way possible.

Interactive Training

Implementing this solution might seem a bit difficult because it is a whole new interface, and you will be operating multiple tools at the same time. However, it's made easier thanks to our interactive training services. Our trainers will show you how to use the solution from scratch and you will be a pro user in no time.

Multi-purpose Software

Having only a cross-border travel registration or cross border quarantine management solution is not our limit. Our automation technology provides you with nearly unlimited ways to design communication campaigns that fit your needs. You can extend your services beyond this solution. We are just one call away! Tell us something you wish to accomplish, and we will find a way to make it happen!

Sound interesting? Don’t wait! Give us a call today.

Speak to our experts to learn more about our cross-border travel registration and quarantine management use case solution, as well as the SimplyCast’s cutting edge engagement service. Also, register for a one-on-one demo of the solution by clicking the button below!

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