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Voice Broadcasting

Easily create, send, and track thousands of personalized voice broadcasts straight from your computer.

The Voice Broadcasting Software Solution for You

Instantly connect with customers who do not have internet access. Automated voice broadcasting technology helps you reach out in multiple languages. Voice broadcasting is effective for appointment reminders, service notifications, event invitations, and more. Using an automated voice message system allows companies to pre record their message and have it go out through an automated phone call to as many phone numbers as they need, saving time and money compared to manual call-out campaigns. 

With SimplyCast's voice broadcasting service, easily contact customers while saving time with an automated solution. Sending an automated call through a digital phone system has nerver been easier, handling calls sent out for any number of customer services. 


Complete Solution

Easy Voice Message Marketing Technology

Create voice blast campaigns online Record your voice, upload an audio clip, or type your message. With a simple setup, quick scheduling, and test calls, your automated voice messaging campaigns will be up and running in minutes.
Personalized voice broadcasts You can send voice broadcasts in multiple languages using our dynamic text-to-speech editor. Just type in your message, use merge tags, and our software will turn it into a personalized voice broadcast.
Maintain legal compliance Use our easy unsubscribe management option to create a list of opted-out people. Our anti-spam feature stops you from sending voice blasts to those who don't want to hear from you.
Get a price estimate Once our voice broadcast system checks your campaign settings, it will show you the potential cost so you don't overspend. You will be charged only for successfully-sent voice broadcast messages.
Set up smart voice broadcast flows Our automation platform allows you to slash manual efforts with sequenced voice broadcasting campaigns. Based on recipients' activities, pre-set triggers will release follow-up voice broadcasts automatically.
Nurture and convert leads in our CRM SimplyCast's CRM comes included with our mass messaging solution where you can segment contacts in groups and sub-groups and manage leads efficiently.
Track voice campaign performance in near real time Results are important. You need to know if your voice broadcast campaign is bringing you results. Use the reporting dashboard to track send rates, unsubscribes, and other metrics in near real time.

SimplyCast Voice Broadcasting Informational Video

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No matter the use case, our SimplyCast Platform gives you the tools you need to reach your goals. Contact us today to try it for yourself!


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