Digitize NS Becomes Digitize Your Firm

Digitize NS Becomes Digitize Your Firm

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Digitize NS

When we launched Digitize Your Firm at the beginning of April only two months ago, we were excited. We were ecstatic to give back to the community by providing free educational webinars and email courses to organizations and entrepreneurs on how digitizing their business could benefit them – and how easy it can be.

Just as we promised when the program first went live, we've kept and will continue to keep the courses and webinars completely free and without the promotion of SimplyCast's services/products.

In a recent blog post, we recapped what we (and Joe, our fictional entrepreneur) have been up to since our first webinar. From website platforms, branding, and email marketing to social media, we've been providing advice and guidance to help business owners take on the digital realm and put their office, storefront, or service online.

We're proud to say that since launching Digitize NS, we've encountered resounding success. With numerous participants signing up for our weekly webinar, ten webinars held, and sharing of Digitize NS across Nova Scotia – we've come to one conclusion: we're ready to share Digitize NS with the world.

Digitize NS served as a fantastic pilot to discover what our audience was interested in and implement the steps needed to prepare the program for the global stage. Naturally, we could not have done this without our participants and our guest presenters - thank you for your investment.

We're now pleased to report that we're ready to launch Digitize NS to the world as Digitize Your Firm, a global brand powered by SimplyCast that welcomes all people to find out how digitization can help them — regardless of location.

Planned since the program's inception, we've been looking forward to taking this step and encourage any interested persons or organizations to join us by signing up. We also invite anyone who feels they have advice they believe businesses of any size could benefit from by signing up as a guest speaker.

If you are just signing up, we've recorded all our webinars to allow you to catch up and see what Joe has been up to on the weekly webinar schedule.

If you're interested in the email course, our expanding topics have been broken down on our daily email course page to see which subjects could most help you.

To learn more about Digitize Your Firm, visit our webpage or contact us at digitize@simplycast.com if you have any questions.

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