Digitize NS - The Story So Far

Digitize NS - The Story So Far

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Digitize NS

What is digitization? How can I create a website for my business? Is it hard to set up a Facebook page?

We set out to answer all of these questions and more when we launched our free daily email course and weekly webinars in early March with Digitize Your Firm in its first iteration - Digitize NS. Those attending our first webinar were introduced to the fictional entrepreneur Joe – owner and operator of Joe's Sweaters. Located in Downtown Dartmouth, Joe has been in business for several years but has started to see a decline in his sales even though he sells from both his shop and the local farmers' markets.

Until now the most high-tech piece of equipment Joe was surrounded by was a laptop he barely used and his daughter's smartphone. Deciding it was time to digitize his business, our webinars began when Joe took the first step towards making his plan a reality: making a strategy.

After some thought, Joe decided on a three-part plan he would complete in succession:

1. Open an e-commerce website

2. Send an e-mail blast

3. Open a Facebook page

We took his ambitious strategy and guided Joe down the path of success, starting from square one by giving him pointers on what sort of website builder to look for and the importance of having his own domain.

From there – we were off! We talked about branding, content creation, information architecture, building an email list, CASL & CAN-SPAM compliance, best practices for email subject lines, website design, analytics, and more.

As we currently stand, Joe has successfully launched his own e-commerce site, has sent out his first e-mail blast to a warm response, and opened his Facebook page — which is starting to grow. All of this was covered in eight webinars and can be achieved by any entrepreneur and business owner who wants to go digital. Whether you're tech-savvy and looking for opportunities to expand your understanding, or starting from square one just like Joe, there is something for everyone to learn.

We invite you to sign up and join our next webinar Tuesday at 1:30 PM ADT to discover how digitization can help your organization grow. If you want to catch up on what we've covered so far, re-watch our previous webinars and see upcoming topics on our weekly webinar schedule.

You are also invited to sign up for our email course, where you'll receive daily emails on weekly topics such as Twitter best practices, cyber security, email deliverability, and more. To see our ever-growing list of topics, check out our email course breakdown.

Learn more about Digitize NS and the Digitize Your Firm initiative.

We hope you'll join us – and Joe – on the journey to digitization.

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