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SimplyCast | Weekly Webinar Schedule for Digitize Your Firm

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April 4 - Introduction to Digitize Your Firm • Welcome to Digitize Your Firm! • What is Digitization? • Introduction to E-Commerce • Strategy Creation Unavailable
April 11 - Reintroduction to Digitize Your Firm: • Introduction to First Webinar to Complement New Viewers April 11 Webinar
April 18  - E-Commerce Website Creation, Creating Content, and Building an Email List • Creating Information Architecture •  Introduction to Content Creation • Tracking Engagement  April 18 Webinar
April 25 - Branding, Creating Content (Cont'd), and Setting up an Email Blast • Branding: Colors and Typography • Writing Powerful Content • First Email Blast Planning and Brand Uniformity April 25 Webinar
May 2 - Website Launch, Email Campaigns, and Intro to Facebook • Website Launch (Pre-flight check) • Email Content and Subject Lines • Preparing to Put Your Business on Facebook May 2 Webinar
GUEST SPEAKER: Mike Tanner, OneRedCat May 9 - Website Building and Re-design • How to Know When You Need a New Site • Why You Need Google Analytics • Agency vs Employee • Content to Keep and What to Set on Fire May 9 Webinar
May 16 - Facebook Best Practices, Analytics, and Website Analytics • Building a Facebook page • Posting Content That Will Engage Followers • How Facebook Analytics Helps Your Page Grow • What Your Website Analytics Can Tell You May 16 Webinar
May 22 - Facebook Page Launch, Setting Goals, and Budget Tracking • Launching Your Facebook Page • Setting SMART Goals & What They Can Tell You • Am I Breaking Even With My Site? • Planning Your Site Revenue May 23 Webinar
May 30 - Shipping, Packaging, and Email Marketing Platforms • Setting Up Shipping For Your Website • Why Your Packaging is Important • Think Simplicity When it Comes to Design • Email Marketing Platforms: What to Look For May 30 Webinar
June 6 - Review • Finding and Choosing an E-Commerce Platform • Securing a DNS (Custom URL) • Preparing and Sending an E-mail Blast • Setting Up Your Facebook Page and Analytics June 6 Webinar
June 13 - CRMs, Digital Customer Service, and Data Safety • How are CRMs Different From Marketing Automation? • Using CRMs to Discover Trends and Analytics • Providing Customer Service over Digital Channels • How to Keep Your (and Your Client's Data) Safe June 13 Webinar
June 20 - Creating Dynamic Newsletters, Newsletter Metrics to Track, CAN-SPAM and CASL Compliancy • Tips and Tricks to Make Your Newsletter Standout • What Metrics You Should be Tracking to Chart Growth • Are You CASL-savvy? • How to be CAN-SPAM Compliant June 20 Webinar
June 27 - Getting Started on Twitter, Twitter Terminology, Best Practices, and Twitter Metrics • Why You Should Join Twitter • What is a Hashtag? • Using Best Practices to Grow Your Profile • Twitter Metrics You Should Be Tracking June 27 Webinar
July 4 - Why Instagram? Is It Right For Me?, Instagram Best Practices, and Metric Tracking • Why Should I Be On Instagram? • Is It Right For My Business? • Best Insta-Practices • Tracking Your Insta-Growth July 4 Webinar
July 11 - The Basics of Emergency Communications, Dealing with a Social Media Accident, and Being Prepared • Emergency Communications 101 • How To Deal With Social Media Issues • An Angry Customer Just Blasted Me on Social Media • Creating Your Own Emergency Communications Plan July 11 Webinar
July 18 - Digitizing Your Office, Engaging With Employees Digitally, and Best Practices • How Shared Drives Help Your Office • Securing Your Office with Key Fobs • Have You Considered an Intranet? •  Being Concise and Gaining Feedback July 18 Webinar
GUEST SPEAKER: Alex Wickwire, SimplyCast July 25 - Making Sales on the Digital Landscape • Researching Possible Leads • Contacting with Global Leads • Tools to Succeed • How to Close the Digital Deal July 25 Webinar
August 1 - Cyber Security 101, Malware vs Non-Malware, and Creating a Cyber Security Plan • Are You Cyber Security Savvy? • What is Malware? • What is Non-Malware? • How to Create Your Own Cyber Security Plan August 1 Webinar
August 8 - Using Signup Forms, Landing Pages, and Using CRM Pipelines to Grow Your Contact Base • Using Signup Forms to Personalize Your Marketing • The Versatility of Landing Pages • What is a Pipeline? • How Can CRMs Help Me Increase Customer Loyalty? August 8 Webinar
August 15 - Voice Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Personalizing Communications • Voice Marketing is Not Telemarketing • Why SMS Marketing is the Tool You Need • What are Shortcodes? • Enhancing Your Personalized Communications August 15 Webinar
August 22 - Week 20 Review, Sign Up Strategies, Landings Pages in Action, and Promotional Newsletters • Growing Your Contact Base With Sign Ups • How Landing Pages Can Work For You • How Can I Share My Digital Promotions? • Making A Stand-Off Promotional Newsletter August 22 Webinar
August 29 - Digital Ads 101, Paid Search and Display Ads, Are Online Ads With It? • The Basics of Digital Advertising • Using Paid Search Advertisements • Being Seen With Display Ads • What's a Relevancy Score? August 29 Webinar
September 5 - Facebook & Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Digital Ad Best Practices • Be Seen on Facebook • How To Promote Your Content on Instagram • Getting Your #Tweets Promoted • How To Make Your Digital Ads Stand Out September 5 Webinar
September 12 - Intro to Content Marketing, the Art of Content Creation, and Grammar Review • Content Marketing - What Is It? • Why You Need Content Marketing • Crafting Content People Want to Read • How's Your Grammar? September 12 Webinar
September 19 - Conquering Writer’s Block, Promoting Content, and Pro Marketing Tips • Push Past Writer's Block • Get Your Content Seen • Providing Value to Readers • Professional Marketing Tips from our Team September 19 Webinar
September 26 - LinkedIn: What's In It For Me, LinkedIn Basics, and Connecting and Recommending • Why Should I Join LinkedIn? • Learning the Basics • Showing Off Your Skills and Expertise • How to Connect and Recommend September 26 Webinar
October 3 - Promoting Your Company, Using LinkedIn Groups, Making Meaningful Connections, and LinkedIn Terminology • Do You Have A Company Page? • How to Network in LinkedIn Groups • Connect Meaningfully • Do You Know Your LinkedIn Terminology? October 3 Webinar
October 10 - What is Omni-Channel Marketing, Omni-Channel vs. Multi-Channel, and Omni-Channel Integration • What's Omni-Channel Marketing? • Is It Different From Multi-Channel Marketing? • The Benefits of Omni vs. Multi • Making Your Strategy Omni-Channel October 10 Webinar
October 17 - What Are Transactional Emails, Why Transactional Emails?, and Making Transactional Emails Work For You • What Is a "Transactional Email?" • You've Used Them More Than You Think • What Can They Be Used For? • Using Transactional Emails October 17 Webinar
October 17 - What Are Transactional Emails, Why Transactional Emails?, and Making Transactional Emails Work For You • Content Marketing - What Is It? • Why You Need Content Marketing • Crafting Content People Want to Read • How's Your Grammar? October 17 Webinar
October 24 - Getting Started with Transactional Emails, Campaign Ideas, and Redux • Lets Use Transactional Emails! • Campaigns You Can Run • How Can Your Organization Use Them? • Redux and Review October 24 Webinar
October 31 - Your Campaigns Should Have a Voice, Voice Broadcast Laws, Voice Best Practices • Are You Using Voice? • Where Can I Broadcast? • Being Compliant • Best Practices For Getting Started October 31 Webinar
November 7 - Building Your Call List, Crafting Voice Messages, and Measuring Voice Success • How to Get • Making the Perfect Message • Format Is Key • Defining Success With Voice November 7 Webinar
November 14 - Let’s Talk Landing Pages, Why Landing Pages?, Making Your Landing Pages Stand Out • It's All About Landing Pages • Landing Pages and Marketing Campaigns • Bridging the Message • Building the Best Landing Page November 14 Webinar
November 21 - Driving Prospects, Promoting Your Page, and Testing • Landing Pages and Meatloaf • Using Email Tracking • Progressive Profiling • Testing Your Landing Page November 21 Webinar
November 28 - Why Use Surveys, What Can You Do with Surveys?, and Launching Your Survey • Survey Says... • Making Surveys Work For You • What to Ask Your Team • Steps to Launching a Successful Survey November 28 Webinar


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