Smart City Platform

The future is now; the future is Smart City.

Smart City automates and powers your communities, infrastructure, and day-to-day operations while engaging with your residents and keeping them safe. With communication, engagement, marketing, and emergency response tools, you revolutionize your processes on a larger scale than ever before. Every role, job, and task within your city can be improved or made more efficient with automation.

Unleash the power of your city with Smart City!

Featured Use Cases

  • Use Case: Smart City Incident Management
    Smart City Incident Management

    Effective incident management is crucial in cities. When an emergency incident occurs, it’s important to respond quickly with all necessary incident management process flows in effect.

    With incident management best practices, city developers benefit from a digital solution. A solution that optimizes handling every emergency while improving the overall incident management system and, following the emergency, reviewing the situation to improve solutions.

  • Use Case: Smart City Snowplow Operator Recall
    Smart City Snowplow Operator Recall

    Cities that have snowfall must ensure that snowplow deployment occurs before conditions worsen. This is often challenging to do manually especially when snowfall exceeds the expected amount. This can be even more complicated when snowfall is rare in the region.

    A digital solution enables an automatic process that contacts snowplow operators across the city or surrounding area. This process allows cities to ensure that roads are maintained and ready more easily than ever.

Why Choose Us?

No code needed

No coding or developers required

Your city staff can customize their automation use cases to optimize roles and tasks.


Use case hyperautomation

By using our use case model, your city can be automated swiftly.


A comprehensive solution

With our all-in-one hyperautomation, you can have limitless, integrated solutions for your city


Dedication to data security

We are dedicated to ensuring world-class data and information security, including ISO’s 27001, 27017, and 27018, as well as TX-RAMP Level 2 certification.

Solutions for the Smart City Use Case

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Our Benefits

  • Empower your city and staff to revolutionize your workflow with a unified smart city solution using our digital tools designed to work in perfect sync from the get-go.
  • Our innovative use cases can be created continuously with adaptable automation, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition by implementing this cutting-edge technology today.
  • Our team understands how important information security is to smart cities; that’s why we’ve implemented a certified information security management system, ensuring that your sensitive data is always in safe hands.
  • By identifying the unique needs of every role in a city and creating tailored use cases to support them, together we can drive progress and improve the quality of life for all. Let's develop smart city solutions that empower communities and inspire growth.

Our Competitors

  • Connecting applications that were not designed to work together is a frustrating and time-consuming process. Don't let incompatible applications hold you back - let us help you streamline your processes and unleash the potential of your smart city.
  • They don't have accreditation for information security management; without this accreditation, the organization's security measures may be insufficient, leaving your and your residents’ sensitive information vulnerable to cyberattacks. This accreditation is an essential component of a robust security framework and demonstrates that the organization takes security seriously.
  • The Smart City platform's adaptability is unmatched and cannot be replicated which sets us apart from the rest.
  • Every role in a city has unique needs, and it can be challenging to implement solutions that cater to everyone at scale; with the Smart City platform, you get practical solutions that can work for all your city’s unique needs.
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How We're Better

  • Smart City technology adoption strategies.
  • Comprehensive solution for smart cities.
  • Trusted worldwide by governments and businesses.
  • ISO:27001 certified ISMS.
  • A unified all-in-one platform.
  • Over 25 channels for automation, engagement, marketing, and emergency responses.
  • Powered by a comprehensive use case model.
  • Deployed by municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

Smart City Frequently Asked Questions

In today's world, smart cities are leveraging digital tools to automate tasks across every sector, industry, and department. From transportation to healthcare, education to public safety, every job in a city can benefit from automation. At SimplyCast, we offer a comprehensive solution to help cities leverage automation through use cases that offer limitless options and opportunities. We work closely with city staff to identify automation opportunities in every role, from administrative tasks to complex processes that require sophisticated technology. With our expertise and experience, we can help cities achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and improve citizen satisfaction. Whether you are looking to automate routine tasks or complex processes, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals. So, if you are looking to transform your city into a smarter and more efficient place, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

The use case model design is a comprehensive approach to identifying every process and situation that can benefit from automation. Our team of experts utilizes a powerful platform of automation, emergency management, and communication tools to create use cases that are tailor-made for smart cities. Our experts follow a rigorous process that includes consultations, research, and identification of opportunities to automate smart city processes. We take a holistic approach to ensure that every aspect of a city's operations is analyzed and optimized for automation. When a smart city use case is identified, our experts create a template for it. These templates are built with the specific requirements of a smart city in mind, making sure that they are customized to meet the unique needs of each city. We then make these templates available to smart cities worldwide, ensuring that they have access to an ever-expanding set of automation opportunities. This model enables smart cities to benefit from the latest automation technologies and best practices, helping them to enhance their operations, improve service delivery, and optimize resource utilization..