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  • Use Case: Smart City Weather Alerts
    Smart City Weather Alerts

    Weather can influence commutes, businesses, and other city operations. A snowstorm can cause severe traffic congestion, while a sunny day can have an increased humidex and UV rating. Keeping residents informed about current or extreme weather conditions can be daunting due to different networks, phone apps, and operating systems; it can be overwhelming for residents to navigate information and determine what is accurate and reliable.

    Residents must stay updated on the weather to help them be better prepared and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety or help plan their day, especially if they need to change their daily routines due to weather conditions.

  • Use Case: Smart City Incident Management
    Smart City Incident Management

    Effective incident management is crucial in cities. When an emergency incident occurs, it’s important to respond quickly with all necessary incident management process flows in effect.

    With incident management best practices, city developers benefit from a digital solution. A solution that optimizes handling every emergency while improving the overall incident management system and, following the emergency, reviewing the situation to improve solutions.

  • Use Case: Smart City Snowplow Operator Recall
    Smart City Snowplow Operator Recall

    Cities that have snowfall must ensure that snowplow deployment occurs before conditions worsen. This is often challenging to do manually especially when snowfall exceeds the expected amount. This can be even more complicated when snowfall is rare in the region.

    A digital solution enables an automatic process that contacts snowplow operators across the city or surrounding area. This process allows cities to ensure that roads are maintained and ready more easily than ever.

  • Use Case: Smart City IT Request Process
    Smart City IT Request Process

    It is common for smart cities to face challenges when it comes to managing IT support requests and case management. City staff spend a lot of valuable time managing support requests and sending updates on the request. It can also be challenging to ensure that support requests go to the right department and are assigned appropriately. 

    Using an automated solution helps combat the challenges that come with managing IT requests. Creating a streamlined, better way for smart cities to manage these requests.  

  • Use Case: New Account Onboarding for Smart Cities
    New Account Onboarding for Smart Cities

    It is common for city departments and organizations to have a huge number of people onboarding new accounts at any given time. Participants creating new accounts often find the process to be time-consuming and challenging. New staff often require assistance creating their accounts and have questions that must be answered quickly so they can proceed.  

    A digital solution will help clients to be able to have their questions answered efficiently all while reducing the manual workload for staff.