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Healthcare needs to get smarter. Smart healthcare automation is an opportunity for governments and other healthcare organizations to optimize their processes. Every role in every healthcare organization has an opportunity to be improved through automation. We can help make healthcare smarter.

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Featured Use Cases

  • Use Case: Smart Healthcare Lab Specimen Tracking
    Smart Healthcare Lab Specimen Tracking

    Healthcare facilities often have a lot of lab specimens to keep track of for healthcare or research purposes. It is common for challenges to arise when trying to manually keep stakeholders up to date with the process of analysis. They must keep stakeholders aware as each step in the process progresses.

    While it is possible to keep stakeholders up to date manually, the process of doing so is often very time consuming, especially with a large number of specimens to provide updates on. Healthcare facilities could reduce these challenges through using a digital solution.

  • Use Case: Smart Healthcare Daily Wellness Check-ins
    Smart Healthcare Daily Wellness Check-ins

    Many healthcare organizations have started to offer daily wellness check-ins as a way to check in on the wellness of seniors, patients, and other at-risk individuals regularly. It is common for healthcare facilities to face challenges when trying to complete daily wellness check-ins manually, as it often requires a high number of dedicated staff. Healthcare must find ways to manage check-in program sign ups and improve the efficiency of check-in processes.

    Healthcare facilities implementing daily wellness check-ins would benefit from using a digital solution. Such a solution helps to streamline most of the wellness check-in program and optimize the whole process for both clients and staff.

Why Choose Us?

No code needed

No coding or developers required

Anyone in healthcare can easily create and customize automation use cases.


Use case hyperautomation

Healthcare can implement automation faster than ever using use cases.


A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one automation super-suite provides limitless integrated solutions for healthcare.


Dedication to data security

We are dedicated to ensuring world-class data and information security.

Solutions for the Smart Healthcare Use Case

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Our Benefits

  • A cohesive solution with digital tools that all work in one platform.
  • A certified information security management system.
  • Implementation strategies that identify the automation use cases that healthcare needs.
  • Automation strategists constantly creating new healthcare use cases.

Our Competitors

  • Require many platforms and integrations to approach our functionality.
  • Cannot easily implement new healthcare solutions at scale.
  • Are unable to match the adaptability of the SimplyCast platform.
  • Lack information security management accreditation.
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How We're Better

  • A unified all-in-one platform.
  • Trusted worldwide by governments.
  • Used worldwide by businesses.
  • ISO:27001 certified ISMS.
  • Over 25 channels for automation and engagement.
  • Powered by a comprehensive use case model.
  • Smart technology adoption strategies.
  • Comprehensive solution for smart healthcare.

Smart Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

The healthcare sector has an opportunity to implement better digital tools. The use case model creates a way for solutions of all kinds to be implemented more efficiently than ever before.

Every position in healthcare has at least one task that can be simpler, easier, and more efficient. These tasks are the fundamental opportunities that open the door to automation at every level of healthcare. Everything from management processes to patient engagement has an opportunity to be improved with hyperautomation.

SimplyCast offers a way for smart healthcare organizations to evolve with automation use cases. Use cases push automation further by finding real challenges and solving them. We provide the healthcare sector with boundless opportunities by using every use case we’ve found – even those from other sectors – and identifying similar opportunities within healthcare.

The use case model focuses on finding processes and procedures that have unnecessary slowdown, complexity, and other fixable challenges. Our automation experts take these processes and create use cases using our automation super-suite. By consulting with healthcare experts and researching the sector, our strategic automation experts are constantly able to find new opportunities.

Whenever we identify a smart healthcare use case, our experts build it as a template. We then take those templates and provide them to every healthcare organization that we can. This approach ensures that every healthcare organization is constantly improving.

SimplyCast is an ISO:27001 certified organization. This means it has a certified information security management system and is trusted to securely handle protected information.

For smart healthcare organizations that want to further improve their control of data, SimplyCast offers the appliance model. This model allows smart cities to host their data locally and maintain data sovereignty.