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Governments across the world are looking to get smarter, to improve their processes with technology. Smart government use case automation is an opportunity for governments to improve interfaces, automate processes, and configure new solutions to complex problems. Every role in every government has an opportunity to evolve, streamline, and improve through digital automation. If your government wants to get smarter, we can help.

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Featured Use Cases

  • Use Case: Smart Government Facility Check-in
    Smart Government Facility Check-in

    Smart governments manage a wide array of facilities that benefit from or require check-in and check-out procedures. The need is especially critical for facilities that manage dangerous substances or during epidemics. Currently it is common for facility check-ins and check-outs to be completed and recorded manually. This isn't ideal for staff members as the manual check-in process is time-consuming and takes time away from other essential duties.

    Governments need a solution that streamlines the check-in and check-out process that will save valuable time by eliminating unnecessary steps.

  • Use Case: Smart Government Incident Management
    Smart Government Incident Management

    It is crucial that governments have effective procedures in place to manage every incident that occurs. There are many challenges governments face with how they must manage and respond to emergency incidents. Governments need to find a way to optimize their initial responses and ensure that critical information is accessible to incident commanders. Emergency incidents are sudden and require a quick response so solving these issues is crucial to protect citizens and minimize damage.

    To address these challenges, governments need a use case solution that leverages automation and communication tools to improve the management of emergency incidents.

Why Choose Us?

No code needed

No coding or developers required

Anyone in government can easily deploy and configure automation use cases.


Use case hyperautomation

Governments can implement automation at scale faster than ever using use cases.


A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one technology solution provides limitless solutions for governments.


Dedication to data security

We are dedicated to ensuring world-class data and information security.

Solutions for the Smart Government Use Case

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Our Benefits

  • A cohesive platform with dozens of configurable tools for communication, automation, and emergency.
  • Experts in automation creating use cases for every challenge governments face.
  • A team dedicated to secure information handling with a certified information security management system.
  • Smart government implementation strategies to deploy digital solutions at scale.

Our Competitors

  • Cannot approach our capabilities without complex webs of integrations and external platforms.
  • Are unable to match the adaptability of the SimplyCast platform.
  • Lack secure information handling management accreditation.
  • Cannot easily configure solutions and deploy them at scale for every role in government.
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How We're Better

  • Trusted worldwide by governments.
  • Used worldwide by businesses.
  • A unified all-in-one platform.
  • Over 25 channels for automation, marketing, and engagement.
  • Powered by a comprehensive use case model.
  • Smart technology adoption strategies.
  • Comprehensive solution for smart government.
  • ISO:27001 certified ISMS.

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