White Label E-Commerce Resellers: How SimplyCast Helps

White Label E-Commerce Resellers: How SimplyCast Helps

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White Label E-Commerce Resellers

What sets your white label e-commerce store apart from every other one? Standing out online is a challenge, and you need unique and powerful tools. That's why SimplyCast offers white label reseller capability to e-commerce businesses. We don't just want you to benefit from automation, we want you to be able to profit from it as a white label e-commerce reseller. This article details why you should invest in marketing automation for your own e-commerce business.

What can I do as a white label e-commerce reseller?

As a white label e-commerce reseller, you will enable clients to create and deliver messages over multiple channels of communication. You also help clients engage more effectively using visitor tracking, live chat and contact management. Offer an in-demand product that was predicted to grow 60% in 2014 and more again this year. Maintain a reasonable risk and maximize profits as there are no development costs and no training costs. You also set all your own prices.

Most importantly, you can add this to your current offerings at whatever cost you see fit! An e-commerce reseller is allowed to charge whatever fees they want for their services. SimplyCast receives a small percentage from your monthly fees. Additional fees such as managed service fees are yours to keep.

Why is SimplyCast White Label Reseller an ideal match for me?

E-commerce businesses need to offer customers a lot to stay relevant in an online world dominated by one-stop shops like Amazon. Being able to resell marketing automation nets you valuable business relationships and partnerships. It allows you to offer something that many e-commerce companies simply don't have.

This unique offering gives you an edge when seeking business customers and allows you to set a reputation as an expert. You save time and gain more customers and partners. You will be offering a software that is in high demand. Marketing automation is predicted to reach over 50% market penetration this year.

Become an e-commerce reseller for a one-time fee. You have access to support all the time and we will help you troubleshoot any customer concerns. We are also available to perform integrations when you need them.

How can I be confident I'll succeed?

The software is branded in your name, while the development and updates are handled by us. We train you to use the software and the technical aspects and we provide documentation on how to use all our software.

In cases where your clients do require support, you can get assistance from our support team at any time. We offer advanced training and support as well as a wide variety of technical and video documentation. These resources are completely free to use.

If you would like more information, our partnership team is standing by to answer your questions. Drop them a line at reseller@simplycast.com or give them a call at 1-866-323-6572, ext. 4.

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