Key Elements of Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Software

Key Elements of Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Software

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Key Elements of Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Software

Not leveraging landing pages for your company’s website could prevent your company from boosting your standing reputation. The purpose of a landing page is to engage viewers and create conversions. The most effective way to boost conversions on your site is by including easy to add and edit elements to make your page shine. SimplyCast offers an easy to use drag-and-drop landing page generator to help you formulate an effective landing page that suits your vision.

Here are some of the key drag-and drop elements you should know about!

Text Block Element

Adding a text block element to your landing page gives your company the space and the opportunity to pitch and provide more information on your company to the reader. This could either be a description of the product or service you wish to sell, a company vision, a “get to know” company staff section, or client testimonies.

Image Block Element

Capture your viewers’ attention with engaging images and color schemes. SimplyCast allows you to upload images and logos that you can use to create a seamless effective landing page design that matches your company branding and style.

Social Following and Sharing Elements

Social media platforms are a growing industry where engagement can be amplified and used for marketing campaigns. The Social Following and Social Sharing elements allow your landing page’s audience to easily interact with your company’s various social media pages to find out more information. Building a social following online is important to have in order to create a lasting impression on possible customers.

Slideshow and Video Elements

Add a slideshow to your landing page with interesting transitions or insert a video to instantly catch your reader’s attention. These two elements will fast-track grabbing attention and directing traffic to your page.

Form Element

A form element could include a signup option for email, SMS or push notifications. Forms are sure to increase sales/traffic to your site, as they give the reader the ability to learn more about your company and can give your company the opportunity to put your best foot forward through pitches or updates on various promotional campaigns.

PayPal Element

Including a payment method on your landing page can be an instant way to produce sales and conversions. Landing pages can typically be found through viewers clicking on ads your company has posted. Searching for the types of product or service you sell has brought them to your landing page. Once a viewer has decided to purchase your product or service, the final step is to close the transaction. Many viewers will simply wish to make their order and receive a follow-up receipt in their desired format using information collected by the form element.

Call-to-Action Element

CTAs, or calls to action, are one of the most highly interacted with applications on a landing page. They usually take the form of a button that acts as a transportation mechanism to the next destination for the viewer. These clicks can be achieved by intriguing them through a quick hook, for example: “Want to learn more about our team? Click here”, “Sign up now”, or “Buy now”. Whatever you wish it to do, this button will direct the viewer to that requested destination.

HTML Element

This element, to put in simple terms, is where the coding for items such as videos and additional styling options will go. This tool is typically used most effectively by users who possess knowledge of coding.

Divider Element

Easily divide your landing page into multiple sections to which you can assign different functions. A divider allows you to easily keep your landing page organized and streamlined.

Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Drag-and-Drop Elements

After you have developed and published your landing page, you may wish to use the heatmap tool to track the progress and “hot spots” of interaction on your page. Often, companies will run many landing pages at a time based on their different advertisements, so their reports will be based on multiple areas of user interaction in the market space. Your company may wish to be seen in these different markets as well, and this can be done by creating specialized and effective landing pages.

SimplyCast offers a wide variety of drag-and-drop elements to choose from to effectively encourage interactions from viewers via your landing pages. Check out SimplyCast’s Landing Page Generator and request a demo today to get started!

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