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Landing pages are an essential component of any digital marketing campaign. While websites are designed to educate and interact with visitors, landing pages are your chance to provide them with a highly personalized experience that converts. A good landing page creator offers an opportunity to simplify how you create landing pages.


SimplyCast’s Landing Page Generator software helps you build highly optimized and campaign-specific landing pages without any coding or technical knowledgeUsing the drag-and-drop feature, you can design the landing page layout with textual and visual elements and edit content the way your visitors prefer using a variety of landing page tools. Alternatively, you can choose from our library of landing page templates and modify the content. Add customized CTA buttons or use the integrated form builder to convert visitors. View reports in near real time to track your campaign performance and adjust accordingly. Improve how you sell products, how you provide calls to action, and your landing page design through the use of better drag and drop builders.  


You have all the freedom to visualize your idea with our landing page builder.


You can build landing page faster and add all technical features without any help from developers or IT people. We are committed to maximizing the efficiency of your marketing conversion path and simplifing your workflow.  


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Appealing Landing Pages Created Quickly

Create campaigns online Build unlimited landing pages using our cloud-based software. You can either build a landing page from scratch, use a template, or copy a previous campaign and tweak the content to generate a highly campaign-specific landing page. You can publish landing pages immediately and unpublish it whenever you want. You also have the liberty to create campaign-specific URLs.
Drag-and-drop editor You don’t need to write a single line of code to build a landing page with us. Simply drag the element you want to use from the list and drop it where you want to add that element. Use static images, videos, texts, slideshows, and other elements to visualize your idea. Integrate social media elements to extend your page's reach and enable visitor interaction. If you want to go ahead and customize it further, you can also use the HTML editor to tweak a section.
Custom domain Set up a custom domain so your landing page appears to be hosted on your own site. Custom domain landing pages promote brand consistency and keep your information under your own company name and brand. Brand consistency creates a higher brand recognition, engagement and loyalty.
Personal targeting Send personalized, targeted content to contacts after conversion events. Since landing pages enable you to gather personal information from each lead, you can use this information to send unique personalized messages. Targeted messages receive higher open rates and more interaction, leading to better conversion and higher revenue.
Integrated form Although not mandatory, an embedded form is a great feature to convert leads faster. A landing page with an embedded form is more likely to convert a visitor into lead than a landing page with no form. With us, you don’t have to use another form-builder software. Our landing page comes with SimplyCast’s Online Form Builder software. You can simply drag the form element, and customize the form the way you want.
Conversion tracking Modern digital marketing requires conversion tracking to measure the performance of a landing page. If your campaign has a specific conversion event (e.g. submitting a form or clicking on a button), you can install the conversion tracking code in the landing page and track the conversions. It is highly recommended when you are running a paid marketing/advertising campaign. SimplyCast makes it easier with easy conversion tracking process.
A/B split testing A/B split test different content and designs with custom traffic strategies. Sending visitors to specific landing pages enables you to provide a highly targeted experience for each lead. Targeting provides highly relevant information. This boosts conversion rates and interaction with pages.
Comprehensive reporting View the level of interactions your landing page is generating with our comprehensive reporting feature. You can also use the heatmap feature that allows you to see exactly where users have clicked and how they are interacting with your page.
QR Pages Create a QR code that anyone can scan to access your landing page. Using a QR code landing page makes it quick and easy for someone to access your page through their phone. Whether it's on a flyer, a poster, or something much bigger a QR code makes it so much easier to get customers, prospects, or anyone else to your page.


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