Email Frequency: How Often is Not Often Enough?

Email Frequency: How Often is Not Often Enough?

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Email Frequency

In order to succeed at email marketing, you need to master email frequency. After all, the crux of email marketing is converting contacts into customers based on the emails you send or engaging and upselling existing customers, right?

We hear it all to often: "We don't send very much because we don't want to annoy our customers."

There is a delicate balance here. Yes, you don't want to over send to contacts else you risk them unsubscribing, but you also don't want to send to them so seldom that they forget who you are. The trick here is two-fold: send consistently and send relevant information.

First, consistency.

Out there in the world of email marketing, your competitors are maintaining consistent communication with their leads and customers. No, this doesn't mean a monthly or quarterly newsletter, it means they are sending communications at a consistent rate that is relevant to the actions contacts are taking.

For example, if someone makes a purchase, they are following up with a "thank you" email. If a contact requests more information, they are following up. They're sending promotion reminders, birthday messages, welcome emails, and more. All of these, although maybe not sent at an exact interval, are still consistent messages that contacts come to expect which means they don't mind a higher email frequency. This helps keep businesses that are sending consistently top of mind for their contacts and leads.

Second, relevance.

Sure, you may consistently send a monthly email, but is that content relevant to your readers? Blast emails are great for information you want everyone to know, but they're not always the most relevant. Trigger emails send based on specific user actions average open rates over 20% higher than blast newsletters.

In order to boost your engagement, you need to boost your email frequency by sending more relevant, personalized emails. As mentioned before, competitors are sending thank you emails and birthday emails — these are emails relevant to individual contacts. You can also expand these personalized emails to send contacts information on products related to their interests, previous purchases, and more.

Finally, email frequency.

If you're able to consistently send personalized, relevant information, you are able to successfully increase your email frequency without risking losing contacts while also increasing your email engagement! By providing valuable, relevant information to your subscribers at predictable intervals you are staying top of mind and not sinking to the bottom of the inbox.

Did you know SimplyCast's email marketing tool can help you automatically provide relevant content to your subscribers at regular intervals? Learn how it can help with your email frequency by contacting us today!

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