4 New Email Ideas to Excite Customers in the Retail Industry

4 New Email Ideas to Excite Customers in the Retail Industry

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New Email Ideas

 Your email marketing is boring. That might sound harsh, but many retail businesses fall into the habit of sending out the same email marketing offers again and again. Email marketing promotions are an excellent way to draw customers into your online retail store or your brick and mortar store, and email marketing has a very high ROI.

If your email marketing campaigns do not offer anything new, however, customers will lose interest and slowly trickle off. In order to keep your retail customers truly engaged, your email marketing needs to be dynamic. After each email marketing campaign you send, analyze your open rates and see how many customers made a purchase. Based on this information, you can learn which email retail techniques are most effective for your customer base.

Automated email marketing makes it simple to personally target your emails to customers, making them much more effective. An automated retail marketing solution collects all information from your marketing campaigns so you can analyze it in order to optimize future campaigns.

Feature a Real Customer Review

Customer reviews are very engaging and are likely to be shared around. Reviews provide value because they give customers information about popular retail products that they may potentially purchase. Reviews also build trust with your customers, because they are based on external ratings. It's one thing to say your own product is awesome, but it is worth much more if a real customer rates the product. You can also offer a relevant retail marketing promotion such as a discount off the featured product being reviewed.

Try a subject line like: "Check Out this Detailed Customer Review of the New XYZ Blender"

Win Your Product on Social Media

Send an email offering your customers a chance to win their desired product if they share a picture of it on your retail social media pages. A number of customers will be selected to win when the contest is over. Cross-promoting your retail marketing on email and social media enables you to reach a wider audience. Retail contests also frequently go viral on social media, reaching thousands of new potential customers. A retail contest that focuses on your products gets people sharing and talking about your store and products. With an all-in-one retail marketing solution, automatically send emails and automatically manage your social media marketing with updated posts and tweets.

Try a subject line like: "Win Your Favorite Product just by Sharing!"

Vote for a Class

Ask customers to vote for an upcoming class, to be hosted at your store or as an online webinar. Classes are a great way to show that your store is a leader in the retail industry and wants to educate its customers instead of just selling. It also gets customers into your store or onto your site, and you can use your own products in the class. You need to gauge interest and offer a class that your customers will be interested in taking. Create an online survey and provide a link to it in the email. Offer five or so options for different potential classes. Whichever class receives the most votes is the one you will host.

Try a subject line like: "Vote for the Class/Webinar You Want to Take"

Exclusive Shopping Event

Hold an exclusive retail shopping event for your best customers. Offering an exclusive promotion boosts open rates and greatly increases sales with effective marketing. Select customers based on who has made the most purchases or spent the most at your store. This information is easily found in the customer profiles in your contact management software. Your retail marketing automation solution will store and update customer information. The event may be a unique promotion, an early bird special on a new product, or even an exclusive store opening with only the selected customers.

Try a subject line like: "Join Our Exclusive Shopping Experience by Invitation Only"

Try All-in-One Automated Retail Marketing Today

See how simple and effective marketing in retail industry is with the addition of automation. It's efficient and it saves your retail business time and money. Reach out to customers through email, social media, text messaging, online surveys and much more. Sign up for a 14 day free trial.

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