8th Wonder of the World: SimplyCast Contact Manager

8th Wonder of the World: SimplyCast Contact Manager

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Contact Manager

Version 8.7 changes things in a big way. We have added our Contact Manager, or CM, to the array of products available, and made that a free service. That's right, a Contact Manager with the ability to store contact data and monitor your sales processes as well as manually advance customers through sales funnels or pipelines. And it's one hundred percent free.

Our Contact Manager will help you keep your profiles as up to date and comprehensive as possible. This allows you to connect social media, as well as any contact information given in the initial collection phase, add notes and tags, track the score allocated by our analytics as they interact with your messages, and manage lists and pipelines, something many contact management software products lack.

We offer alternative products with more features than you would expect from other contact manager producers and delve into sales dashboards that allow you to use our products over more than one of your departments.

Combine CM with SimplyCast 360, and it becomes something more. With tools including lead nurturing, social media searching, and advanced tracking and analytics, we stand out from the top CM software already. Add to that our ability to combine automated sending and marketing techniques, and you have a tool that can save you time and money. It also provides valuable information to your sales and marketing teams, and stores all your contact information.

We will soon be offering a live chat function, something that few others in contact management do. We call it EngagerLive and it you can check it out on its very own product page. This will further enhance the support experience and make it easier to get help when you're stuck or want advice. We want to be sure that you get the most out of a revolutionary set of products that allows you to maximize efficiency and profits in ways that were never before possible.

In order to read more or sign up for our live presentation, check out the Contact Manager page, as well as our marketing automation page in order to see more of what our awesome products can do.

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