FAQ Review - Copy and Pasting from Microsoft Word

FAQ Review - Copy and Pasting from Microsoft Word

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FAQ Review Copying From Word

At SimplyCast we have one of the best customer care teams in the industry and they do a great job of answering all your questions on a daily basis.

To help them out and allow them a chance to have lunch and sleep at night, we also have a powerful Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) that holds over 400 of the most asked questions from you.

From time-to-time, we want to highlight common problems users have when using SimplyCast's email marketing service while highlighting the strengths of the FAQ.

This week's question is:

Can I copy and paste content from Microsoft Word into SimplyCast?

If you copy and paste content from Microsoft Word into SimplyCast, formatting may be lost because Microsoft Word uses a different format than the HTML format used in the SimplyCast message editor. The copied content may also render incorrectly when displayed in the SimplyCast message editor.

There are two ways you can approach this problem - remove the Word formatting before you paste the content into SimplyCast or convert the Word document to HTML format:

How to clean the content before you paste it into SimplyCast:

1. Copy the content from Word and paste it into Windows Notepad or any other plain text editor, which will remove the Word formatting.
2. Copy the content from your plain text editor to SimplyCast. You will need to format the text through the SimplyCast.

How to convert the document to HTML format:

In newer versions of Microsoft Word, there is more than one option for saving HTML files. To choose one of these options, start by going to the file menu within Word and choose to "Save as Web Page". A new window will open up. You will see a drop-down box at the bottom of the window that says ""Save as Type:"". You can choose two formats: The first option is the standard " Web Page" option. This should be avoided, as it adds the extra code that is not compatible with most HTML editors.

The second option is called "Web Page, Filtered". This will remove all the extra coding that is added by Microsoft Word to keep the web page as clean as possible.

Here are the steps once again to properly copy and paste from Microsoft Word.

1. Choose the Web Page, Filtered option to save the file in HTML format.
2. Open the HTML file using Notepad or a text editor.
3. Copy the HTML code from the editor.
4. Go the SimplyCast Message Editor and click on the HTML button in the bottom left corner of the editor in the Compose Body area.
5. Paste the HTML code into the HTML view.
6. Save the message or click on the "normal" button to edit it further.

For more helpful answers remember to bookmark SimplyCast's FAQ page and if you still need to talk to a live person, our team will help you out by phone, email or live chat.

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